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Where to Start?

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What are you going to base your monk build on?
-an Item you see out already?
-a Spirit Spender skill?
-a Mantra?
-a Passive Skill?

I feel like the Monk more then any other character will be a trial and error class with a good amount on tinkering needed. So I am curious on what premise you all are going to build your monk on?
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This is the way I see how the monk works:

Spirit generating abilities are your damage dealing skills, whereas spirit spending abilities are your utilities. This is because the majority of spirit spenders are utility spells, and there is not a single spirit generating ability that doesn't do damage. Now I understand that there is a few spirit spenders which do damage, but I feel like no monk build should have more than 1 spirit spending damaging ability, and that ability should be used only in circumstances where you have excess spirit.

With this is mind I built my monk without items that have +regen spirit (e.g. inna's weapon), and strictly went for balancing damage and survivability stats. Seeing that I play nothing but hardcore (solo mostly), I'll need some survivability and I figure a dodge monk will do fairly well in hardcore. This leaves a fairly straightforward build for me.


While it isn't the best dodge monk build, best damage dealing build, or supportive build, I feel it has versatility which is crucial in hardcore. It also needs little spirit to do damage and thus there is really no reason to have +regen spirit items like inna's weapon.

Now this is all theory-crafting and what not, I have no idea how well this build will work without actually playing the game, but thats my thought process in building my monk.
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Ever since the monk reveal years ago i loved three abilities: exploding palm, way of a hundred fists, and seven sided strike. My build is centered on those skills and getting to fire off SSS as often as possible. After that i add in some mobility/survivability/group utility to round out the build.

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The way i see it, the best way to build a monk for pve is to focus on a balance of damage and survivability.


This build provides quick spirit gen and ample dodge through abilities and passives. FoT can get you to the 3rd hit in your combo to use exploding palm with most runes while giving you a decent amount of aoe through dodging and explosions. if your in danger you have your decoy and if you need a quick health boost you got BoH. It may not be the most optimal build but its what i plan on using in the harder difficulties.
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I just want to play a dual wield build.
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im trying to come up with a solo build, mixing alot of dodge/self healing/damage is being tricky though.
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