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Which ending would you prefer for Diablo 3?

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Would you prefer the WoW treatment - there must always be a Diablo? In other words, someone must always be Diablo or all hell would break loose =p

Or would you prefer the Starcraft treatment, where Diablo is actually a brave creature in disguise trying to shake the bonds of his mental prison because he is under orders from another creature?
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Diablo Treatment - Kill it, loot its corpse and go after its (remaining) family.
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I would like to see them all (diablo's family) transformed into action figuress, which we could put on the wall as a prize for the long journey we have done.

And then, i wish i could go back to Marius's Cell, just to kick his !@# and say he was indeed a fool.

EDIT: Oh wait, Marius have already been killed by Baal on LOD...its a shame.

So instead, we could go to the Adria's hut and show Leah Why you are the toughest hero of sanctuary. LOL
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Slaughter Diablo and his brothers, take over as next Diablo, and start building an even harder challenge for the heroes of Diablo 4.
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tyrael gives heaven the bird, gives you his armor and wings and you set out destroying demons gathering stuf blah blah... you kill the prime evils then tyrael gives you three more soulstones to capture the prime evils and you jam them into the three archangels heads and let them duke it out with each other for eternity.
D4 would be fighting the three prime archevils and then mephisto would appear out of nowhere and be like "finally those two idiots are gone!" and kick it with his spine out all day
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i would like if there wasnt a diablo and hell did brake lose it would lead to some interseting story line i think
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