Poison Dart - Alabaster - damage with stun proc

Horrify - Obsidian - CC with increased duration

Spirit Walk - Alabaster - Avoid focus; torn between alabaster and indigo one keeps me away for longer one gives me hp but i think alabaster would be better because you dont want to leave your teammates stranded

Hex - Golden - CC with heal

Big Bad Voodoo - Indigo - increase to basic stats for everyone with increase duration so if not taken out gives team huge advantage

Haunt - Obsidian - DoT with a slow

Passive Skills
Rush of Essence - help with mana regen sense 3 of my spells are affected

Tribal Rights - decrease cooldown on voodoo and hex

Death Trance - increase survivability

I am torn between how to handle heals between Hex and Voodoo. I considered!WUf!acaacc

This means voodoo will be focused quick and i wont have it up for much longer where Hex is a short CD and can be casted frequently. Alabaster rune for hex would increase damage to target by an additional 70% so it would be focused by the group, which would help with coordination. But, if voodoo is focused quick regardless it might be better to use HP regen. That way i have plenty of sources to keep a team up.!WUf!acabcc

Or something like this where i become more of a healbot for teammates. I ultimately think this will be the best build for WD. Monks right now are being seen as healers but WD are a viable choice too since we are a ranged class and will make it easier for us to position ourselves around.
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