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The Runestone Change.

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There are changes made to the skill calculator that reflects a Rank 4 runestone, they did this because Rank 4 is the highest that will drop, if you look at the runestone page they have updated the difficulties at which a runestone rank will drop up to 4.
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Drops for ranks 5-7 runestones aren't placed in any of the difficulty categories, I'm guessing they made those only obtainable through upgrades or recipes only. Snap
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For the lazy.
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10/14/2011 09:19 PMPosted by stfunplay
Drops for ranks 5-7 runestones aren't placed in any of the difficulty categories, I'm guessing they made those only obtainable through upgrades or recipes only. Snap

It seems so, most likely through combining them like you would gems. Though how would this be done. Would you attune a rune to a skill first and then need 3 of the same type to upgrade?

Example: 3 Indigo level 4 Hungering Arrow = 1 Level 5 Hungering Arrow? Wouldn't this increase the already substantial time to receive a lvl 7 rune of your need?
Or would it be like this
1 Indigo level 4 Hungering Arrow + 2 Unattuned level 4 = 1 Indigo Level 5 Hungering Arrow
do 3 Unattuned level 4 runes = 1 Level 4 Unattuned rune?
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As I said in another thread, chances are the lvl 5/6/7 runes will require upgrades from the enchanter NPC where you feed him/her manuals of training then gather whatever materials you need to upgrade the runes.
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holy crap this scared the hell out of me. I thought they had just gimped the crap out of my build.
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This might be where the animas come into play.

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some skills were changed too, the monk<s lashing tail kick had a 6 second cooldown before, now its 3 seconds :P
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They said somewhere that the information in the game guide is pulled directly from the database used by the game. These changes are probably from some recent push from their internal testing servers.

There will be more changes and updates to come, I'm sure.
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The only thing i'm curious about for runes is how Giant frog's obsidian rune will play out in PvP

I would be like t(-.-t) if u can't use it in pvp
Large enemies and bosses get Licked rather than swallowed. Same damage, no stun.
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what does this mean for the "unattuned system" they dont like talking about. Maybe they did this change to make it easier to find the attuned rune for the skill your looking for? since 5, 6, 7 dont drop anymore and only 1-4 do it would make it easier to find the unattuned rune for a specific spell. Once you find a rune for the spell your looking for you can just upgrade it via jeweler.

This only applies if they havent scratched the rune for a specific spell thing jay wilson was talking about at that press event.
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That just seems... terribly strange.

There wouldn't be any purpose other than to create another illusion of progression.

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