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Hypothesis: Deckard Cain is the ultimate evil

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Supporting evidence:

- All of the people who Deckard Cain has ever mentored get turned into demons eventually. E.g. the archer at the start of D2 (forget her name). From what I've read, this is set to happen with the D2 heroes in D3.

- At the center of a number of crazy diabolical events, but mysteriously escapes unscathed repeatedly.

- Black magic: capable of identifying items without scrolls of identify.

- Among all the humans you meet in the field in D2 (except LoD), but two are alive. One is basically across a bridge from the starting area. One is Deckard Cain, SURROUNDED BY DEMONS, IN A CAGE. You're asking me to believe that the demons picked ONE PERSON to not kill, and it happened to be Deckard Cain? That's a bridge too far my friends.

Basically, Deckard Cain is this spirit who gets off on watching great men and women be corrupted. He's actually worse than Diablo, Mephisto, Baal, etc., in that he doesn't want to kill you outright. He instead wants to see you become what you hate. He's so powerful that he can even manipulate the prime evils to this end.

Well it seems obvious to me. This guy is bad news.
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Interesting theory. Sounds plauible to me. Wouldn't be surprised if it were true. Wonder what his ultimate evil goal would be if this theory was true.
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I always wondered if they would introduce a demon even the three would be like. "whoa, hey we're not that evil."
possibly Deckard cain is Hells ace in the hole. the last one heaven would expect to be the FOURTH prime evil with a black soulstone that will corrupt angels on touch.
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i like it! that'd be a super sick twist, something i never thought about. although i was starting to get to the point where i was like, "why is this guy ALWAYS the guy that's here!?" haha.
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Motivation is probably equally inscrutable to why any of the prime evils do stuff. They are just bad. Similarly, this is just what Deckard likes to do; turn good guys into bad, perpetuate a world of chaos where even the uncorruptable are corrupted.
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The Heroes of D1 weren't the only ones Deckard Cain has lead astray

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Double post for the loss
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There is only one problem with your theory.

It would be the Pandemonium Fortress has been corrupted. I would assume heaven and more importantly Tyrael would realize evil has entered their only holding ground within hell. I would equivocate it to losing the shore on D-Days

I would also assume it would be protected my heaven magic. The only exception I could think if maybe it is along those lines, if evil is invited in it nullifies the wards.

I have my doubts about Cain tho.. don't get me wrong. Tho maybe slowly dieing is a death the demons wished upon him? Maybe cursed with never-ending torture. Who knows. But a thought that crosses my mind, Hell can also gain great knowledge from him too. He knows about heaven and hell.

It would be the same thing as Tyrael being evil. Who knows. But the reasoning of hero's becoming corrupt is fairly null. It would be assumed that facing the great evils and each time you get closer... the voiced in your head would drive you insane. Plus the Barbarian survive... or just too dumb to corrupt 8P

The story will come.. just wait.

Although to your point about him desiring or wishing evil. There is no reason he could be or isn't an evil "human". In fact, he may not be good at all, as this was the blessing of being in the Sanctuary. They could come out with a fourth party, outside of Sanctuary who keeps order with less cosmetic means to establish it. There are billions of possibilities.
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Deckard Cain being the ONLY one that the demons chose to torture makes a lot of sense. He's the last of the horadrim, the ones responsible for the imprisonment of the prime evils. So they string him up and make him watch as they burn down his home, kill his neighbors and then proceed to torture him for as long as possible.

However, in deference to a really interesting theory, if you don't rescue him he still manages to get free, claiming the rogues who were oh so effective in act 1 rescued him, and just happens to show up in Lut Gholein. There is no escaping Cain.
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10/18/2011 05:13 PMPosted by Farler
However, in deference to a really interesting theory, if you don't rescue him he still manages to get free, claiming the rogues who were oh so effective in act 1 rescued him, and just happens to show up in Lut Gholein. There is no escaping Cain.

Which is more of a Blizzard's way of torturing the Player Character. Needs no defense or rebuttal arguments 8)
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He does not use magic to identify items, he uses the power of knowledge -_-'
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That'd be a really interesting twist to the game. Act 2 is speculated to be about deception, as Belial, The Lord of Lies, is supposed to be heavily involved in that act. Maybe Cain has been working with Belial/Azmodan (the other two of the four lesser evils, the first two being Andarial and Durial) to end the existence of the three brothers and keep them banished from the mortal realm and hell, so that they can rule it themselves, and take out the world of Sanctuary in the wake of their return to power.

Maybe he was even the one that laid the curse on Griswold, when he revolted in Tristram and started to take down too many of the invaders.

That being said, I actually doubt that's true. I LIKE to think I can trust Cain after all we've been through together. But maybe that's the point - to really shock the player by turning one of the most secure ally figures the game has had since 1996. One thing's for sure, if it really did happen, no one would ever be able to go back and think of the Diablo 1 and 2 storyline the same way ever again.

EDIT: I don't quite remember where, but somewhere in the lore on the main Diablo 3 site, it states that the heroes who faced Diablo 20 years ago had mostly been driven mad or retired... not that they necessarily became evil, or demons. Maybe we'll get to meet some of our past incarnates in Diablo 3?
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In my opinion he was left alive in Tristram for the knowledge. He is the last of the Horadrim he probably knows the nature of the soulstones better than any human. He also know more about Tal Rasha and the entombment of Baal. He was probably caged to be later interrogated by one of the Prime Evils or a lesser demon
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And If "Legacy of Blood" is correct, AND if Cain IS Belial or working for him, He'd already be dead, Diablo would kill anyone who has anything to do with the Lesser Evils who was directly responsible for their exile. He can't be an "Evil" working his own agenda despite the three, and the only way He'd managed to Get into the Pandamonium fortress without Tyrael noticing his corruption or disguise is if he's evil as well (as a few have suggested)
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Here's the problem with your theory.

Deckard Cain isn't the only common denominator bringing the heroes together. All of the heroes that have gone mad have also COME FACE TO FACE WITH DIABLO... Perhaps that's a reason they've gone mad?
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But what the OP was suggesting (and I don't agree with it) Is that Deckard Cain is the one guiding them to Diablo, which sets the whole "going mad, becoming corrupted" thing in motion.
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Alot of people are giving the "if deckard cain was evil, how could he be in pandemonium fortress without corrupting it" argument.....but what if he did?

Accounting for the fact that as others have pointed out everyone who's been near Cain has had bad things happen to them. The counter-point to this is, he stood beside Tyrael in Pandemonium fortress and Tyrael is an angel so he must have the ability to know/detect.

But what if he didn't have that ability; what if he was also corrupted or manipulated?

Consider: Tyrael wrecklessly destroys the worldstone, the only thing hiding the world from Hell immediately after concluding his interaction with Cain. Perhaps he was played as well.
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Citadel, it is still not very probable.

If we take your instance of a HIGH Angle being corrupted, which is another topic and I still have my doubts about that too, Heaven would be fools to not have some type of wards to warn of an infestation on their only bastion in hell. At least an alarm system since it is such a critical area. But Blizzard has been known to defy all "logic and reasoning" before.

If it was the case, I would hate it and spam these walls (forums).

Now that I state it, I cannot remember where I was reading but someone pointed out good points as to why Tyrael was not evil. Maybe after I get some sleep I can refute it.

Honestly, I look it as this way. Both Hell and Heaven see Deckard Cain as a valuable resource. To throw it away would be folly. Like burning science books because it preaches the opposite of Christianity. (Please stay on topic. Just an example and not to start a flame war)

Furthermore, I really fail to see the logic in which to ignore that the "heros" or "Adventures" eventually became corrupted by the force of great evil. Even a holy knight can become weary of death. And an ounce of doubt can evil arise.

HOWEVER, I will NOT discount that he, as a "human" may be oriented towards evil or good. I have a firm belief that he acts as the necromancers do, balance the world. Or he may be good. It will be interesting to see what the book brings.
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Hmmm , may be true.
but , maybe he was watched by the archangel tyrael , thus he wasnt killed in any of the events? :P
besides , hes one of the horadrims , he should have some trix up his sleeves
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It's the case that even if Tyrael IS evil, His agenda doesn't involve Belial, who Deckard Cain IS most likely to be. If He's a corrupted puppet (and only the prime evils, most likely combined) The only ones powerful enough to corrupt him are the Three, and Belial would be a monkey wrench in their plans. If the Tyrael we've been talking to ISN'T Tyrael but a Prime evil impersonating him, again, They'd kill Belial / Cain.

Deckard Cain being evil hinges on Tyrael being "Good" or atleast naive.

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