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End of the Story Arc

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I've read articles about this game being the end of the "story arc" in Diablo. I was curious as to what story arc you guys thought would be ending.

End of the Prime Evils? End of, I believe the World Stone? End of Deckard Cain? End of Sanctuary? End of Heaven/Hell?

Personally I think it'll be the last one wherein we will have to actually team up with, maybe Turiel, or maybe another angel if the whole "Turiel is corrupt" thing plays out, and destroy the plane of Hell for good.
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I'm pretty sure its an end to the "Deckard Cain" story arc :P hope it helps
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It means the there wont be any Diablo4
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Maybe it means that, like WoW, they'll just keep adding storyline in expansions instead of releasing entirely new games.
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i think it means that the trilogy is over but new adventures will be available in the Sanctuary World. Kinda like Gears 3 it is the last adventure of Marcus and Dom.I would assume this story arc is mostly likely about Deckard Cain like stated above or maybe of the Nephalem or perhaps somehow the end of Diablo being the antagonist.
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They said that they will continue the games in the world of sanctuary. This will probably be the last time we see Diablo himself though to be replaced by some other badass demon. Kabraxis comes to mind as a good candidate.
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or it will be some thing like World of Diablo or World of Sanctuary... that would be badass, like WOW but it would be WOS
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10/17/2011 11:00 AMPosted by Jahaga
Who in the blue hell is Turiel?

It's when tyrael and duriel had a kid. Obviously.
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During the lore panel at Blizzcon they said that upon the defeat of Azmodan and Beliel in Diablo 3, essentially there are not any Prime or Lesser Evils left. Then they said "it's the end, or is it." To me that sounds like a conflict between man and the High Heavens, perhaps in the expansion. We will have to wait and see.
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So, if Diablo is already Dead, why the hell the game would show his figure, model and plot based on him?

Diablo MUST live! So we can kill him one more time! hauhuahua
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Diablo does return, he isn't dead. His soul had splintered when his host's body had created life (Leah). The shard of his soul was entrapped within Leah as she grew- not powerful enough to take control but strong enough to observe, wait and collect energy. This is why Leah has a vision of Azmodan and see inside of Hell, because of Diablo's connection to those forces mixed with her mother's power.

The black soulstone is a powerful relic created to entrap the souls of angels and Azmodan is determined to use this stone against Heaven. Diablo will take control of Leah when he has gathere'd enough power and use the black soulstone for his own ends. Diablo knew his soul had been splintered into Leah and knew that he would be killed by the heroes, so he intentionally made it so the black soulstone fell into the hands of Deckard, to eventually be given to Leah.

What Diablo and Azmodan aren't aware of is that Leah's birthday will occur during the game which means she is of age and reaps the full benefit of her mother's powers. With her new found abilities, Leah breaks into the tavern and hosts a massive party for all of her friends. Leah drinks a LOT more than she should and wakes up floating on a wooden boat in the middle of the lake. She realizes, all too late, that she's pregnant but the alcohol has affected the baby (which is Diablo). The demon child (Diablo) is born, but his plans have been ruined. He isn't born as a monsterously powerful creature like he though, he is born with developmental issues because of the alcohol.

The huge twist in the story is that, about 50% through act 2, the game changes to where you have to feed Diablo his baby food without spilling it and if you do it perfectly, that's how you get the best loot. Certain skills change, such as the Witch Doctor's fire Bomb ability becomes Diaper Bomb, but I recommend only using it when baby Diablo has a huge accident, it has a long cooldown.

Sorry for the spoilers <3
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I think you're totally spot on with that! I see no reason to play now, you've given us all a lot to think about

P.S. Please stop by your local psychologist and have him/her write you as many prescriptions as possible. Then go home, take a handful, and get some rest.... with a plastic back over your head.
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The game will end with lots of unanswered side stories, and then launch into World of Sanctuary. Much like Warcraft 3 into WoW.
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So if all the Prime Evils are dead, the high heavens will try to bring complete order to Sanctuary. But we cannot have that now can we? We have to have our free will and will fight the high heavens to keep it! Live Free or Die trying!
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