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Interesting Monk Build

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I saw a build pretty similar to this on the European forums, so I modified it a little bit and decided to bring it here. The credit for the basic idea for this build goes to Beanythewise from EU.


This build would probably be useful against bosses, or in Hell or Inferno, where it takes a little more time to kill each mob.

Here's the breakdown. Cast Breath of Heaven for the 20% damage bonus from Obsidian (and to heal from previous/current encounters as well,) then cast Mantra of Conviction. As soon as you do, use SSS (the Crimson rune is there for teleportation, to get the full extent of the 3 second double damage of the Mantra.) Then use Dashing Strike for the dodge bonus.

Use WotHF twice (rune activates on second strike for increased damage,) then finish with Deadly Reach. Keep that rotation going to stack the crimson rune damage debuff from the third strike in Deadly Reach.

If the extra healing from Transcendence isn't enough, switch the crimson rune in the Mantra out with the golden one. If needed, Breath of Heaven can be switched out with a golden/obsidian Inner Sanctuary.

Pros? Cons? How does it compare to the Exploding Palm builds for the later difficulties?
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Con, you will have serious trouble with the resource i would think. 2 of your spenders will cost 75spirit, that being said it will require 25 activations of your generators to activate both of them, and neither generator is extremely fast.
I can't see this build having great synergy.

What is your defence? you have no significant dodge, damage reduction or resistance, the question is, will this build have enough life gaining per second compared to damage absorption for its defence.

Also i dont see any effective generation combo with your skills.

It seems you are trying to produce the most damage generation, i believe a barbarian build would be more effective for the result you are going for.
Somethings to think about.
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10/19/2011 04:23 PMPosted by Arclite
you will have serious trouble with the resource i would think. 2 of your spenders will cost 75spirit,

That's one of the main problems I saw as well, which is why I switched out the Guardian's Path I was originally thinking of with Exalted Soul, for the extra spirit pool in the beginning. I'm not sure how fast the generation would be, either.

I plan to use some sort of Exploding Palm build as the main PvE spec, but this is one I found that I wanted to play around with to see what kind of playability it has.

I'd really like to know what kind of HP the level 60's with decent gear will have, that'd help a lot in understanding how much regeneration would be needed to make up for the level of DR/Dodge you'd have to sacrifice for it.
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Replace Deadly Reach with Exploding Palm w/ a golden rune and all your spirit generation problems are solved outside of a boss fight with little to no minions around.

SSS is highly overrated. It will probably be more of a PvP skill than PvM simply because if there are 7 enemies clustered together, SSS will only deal 1 hit to each monster. For that much spirit spent you could have just swiped the pack twice with Crippling Wave w/ crimson rune and get almost the same result.


Hit Mantra of Conviction for extra damage
Swipe a pack twice with Crippling Wave to apply +50% more damage taken and snare
Exploding Palm third hit
Spam w/e attack until target w/ EP bleed is dead
Get a chunk of spirit back from EP w/ golden rune
Rinse and repeat
Collect loot

With Seize the Initiative you'll have a ridiculous amount of damage reduction from all types. Exalted Soul and Beacon of Ytar complements each other well to give you more dps but you could replace them with Sixth Sense and One With Everything for greater defense if needed. Mantra of Conviction could also be replaced with Mantra of Retribution w/ an Indigo rune for additional attack speed if you are equipped with a staff to take advantage of the higher weapon damage.
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10/19/2011 08:03 PMPosted by chcknsnack
if there are 7 enemies clustered together, SSS will only deal 1 hit to each monster.

I thought this might have been the case, but I didn't have any confirmation. I was just hoping it wouldn't be that way.

The build you have is almost exactly the build I had set aside for my main PvE monk build, the one in the OP was just one I wanted to try.

The only differences I have are indigo in Exploding Palm (obsidian for bosses) and I had Guardian/Transendence instead of Seize/Beacon (I wasn't sure how taxing the 15 second cooldown would be, not sure if Beacon would be an essential part of the rotation.) Transcendence is there for regeneration in place of the golden runestone in Palm.


On harder difficulties, I'd switch Guardian out with One with Everything/Seize.

Just seeking advisory, do you think Beacon would be more essential for that build?
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I don't see any point in taking The Guardian's Path if you don't intend on taking Mantra of Evasion as well. If you're going to stack dodge, you may as well go all out instead of skimping on some. Likewise, Beacon of Ytar without Exalted Soul or vice versa is also pointless since one is worthless w/o the other IMO. Transcendence is also really bad imo :/. I'd rather just spend the spirit on a Breath of Heaven than rely on some tiny heal from say using WoL. I mean, with Beacon WoL would cost 75 spirit and heal you for 3195. Considering how much HP a base BoH can heal, its safe to say that 3195 probably wouldn't be more than 10-15% of your overall HP pool.
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