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Is Diablo more of a title?

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Ok, I have played D1 & D2, when I was very young but really never paid enough attention to the story. From what I'm getting from the forums: Is Diablo like a title that any powerful enough demon can take upon. Like if Baal (whose one of the original diablo's brother) wanted to become the new diablo, he had to take it or prove he was adequate enough for the title.
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Nah, "Diablo" is just the name of one the Prime Evils/Three Brothers. Not a title. Diablo's primary title would be Lord of Terror.
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Eroldren got it.

In the games, Baal was fought (and was actually stronger) than Diablo himself, at least by a bit - since you fought him in the expansion, which came afterwards.

The three Prime Evils are also known as the Three Brothers - Mephisto, Diablo and Baal (Diablo is the name of the game, because he was the head ruler of Hell, etc. - and he was the main boss of Diablo 1.)

There are also four other big demons called the Lesser Evils. Andarial and Durial - who were act bosses that the player fights and kills in Diablo 2 - and Belial and Azmodan, who are now both confirmed to be in Diablo 3.

The reason you see people "becoming" Diablo is because Diablo, Baal and Mephisto were all banished to the mortal planes by the other four demons in a great war, and soulstones bind them there.

The soulstones can be put into and "possess" a human body. Once the presence of one of the demons overcomes the soul/will/mind of the person "possessed," they change their body and transform it into the demon's true form - which is how Diablo was "born" in the last two games.

Watch this video for a shot of the transformation in Diablo 2.


That's Mephisto (full demon form) with Diablo (transforms) and Baal (not transformed into a demon.)
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