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Balance between rushing and helping?

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A question I was hoping would be answered in the Q&A is how is blizzard working on preventing rushing and power leveling while still maintaining the capability of helping someone who is a lower level?

Now a few things kind of do that aleady. The game is much much longer so the idea of being to rush someone through all difficulties is going to take a hell of a lot longer. I think there is something quite different about waypoints as well as the quests that would make it harder.

I do want however to be able to help or recieve help from someone who is much higher level should it be needed so, what other ways are in the game to prevent rushing without stopping the ability to help?

P.S I had a much better thought out question with more game details last night walking my dog but I am exhausted today.
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For most people there are two forms of "rushing". One is essentially playing on bugs to skip content that isn't intended to be skip-able. The other is either using your previously acquired wealth to twink a new character, and/or have a high level character help run you through the content.

Rushing through use of unintended mechanics or bugs to skip content is not something we'll support, of course, and ideally we'll fix any such issues should they crop up.

Outfitting a new character with better items and having a friend with a high level character rush you through content, we're totally fine with. While, yes, we could be sentimental and hope that you're really interesting in experiencing the content at the pace and balance we worked hard to achieve, having a friend rush you through content is a positive social experience. Having them help you hit a level where you're both able to tackle content that's relevant creates a positive social experience. Regardless of the intended pace, it's co-operative play, and that's not bad.
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I look at rushing with the same confusion I would have for watching someone fast forward through a movie they claimed to really want to watch so that they could see the last five minutes.
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