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Way of the Turtle Build

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I know the name sounds goofy but just follow me for a second then critique it.


The Way of the Turtle build involves slow methodical killing with unlimited reincarnation potential. It does not involve the most dps or burst but instead focuses on outlasting anything.
How to outlast anything:
- 40% dodge
- max elemental resistance for all elements simultaneously
- dmg reduc when stunned/feared/charmed
- No fear of death
- aoe dmg reduction/slow

Encounters will tend to follow the pattern:
*Dashing Strike - gets to any enemy quickly with no cooldown
*Crippling Wave - aoe slow/dmg reduction
*Lethal Decoy - always drop whenever health is below 50%
*Wave of Light - delicious aoe dmg that unfortunately has cooldown
*Way of Hundred Fists - great single target dmg

- Don't be afraid to die
- The main spirit dump is literally a backup life
- Aoe dmg on dodge
- High survivability

- low dmg output
- life leach is gear dependent
- limited elemental dmg
- bad if decoy can die or placed on cooldown in future

Comments and critiques are encouraged!
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I would suggest switching Dashing Strike to Obsidian Runestone for more dodge. The build looks fine but I'm not a fan of the Decoy runestone, I'd rather just take the Near Death Experience passive if you want that effect and switch Decoy to Breath of Heaven.

10/23/2011 09:23 AMPosted by Deus
- 40% dodge

Also just a note, 30% from mantra + 10% from passive is actually giving you 37% dodge, not 40%. (1 - (.7 * .9) = 37%) With Dashing Strike 30% (rank 7 obsidian runestone) would get you 1 - (.7 * .7 *.9) = 55.9%.
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I agree on Obsidian'd Dashing Strike. That dodge buff can easily be kept up every 9 seconds.

I guess I should look into how the dodge stuff is calculated a bit more. Thanks for catching the error.

The only reason I wanted Decoy was to make the build dummy proof. As long as the character doesn't get close to death within 90 seconds, Near Death is a great passive. Then Breath of Heaven will be more team friendly.

Updated Build:

This build is more team friendly and the Breath of Heaven dmg buff will also make Way of Hundred Fist pretty nasty. The only downside is there is a 90 second cooldown on reincarnation.

Thanks JumpyMonkey for the feedback!
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Another idea if you want to keep Decoy, use the Transcendence passive so that it heals you for about 3k. This would also give you healing from Dashing Strike and Wave of Light. It would be only self healing so not useful for teammates but I think it would help a lot more than Pacifism.
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@JumpyMonkey: Good point on the free healing. That would make it more handy for soloist.
I think that I will stick with Breath of Heaven and Near Death because the failsafe doesn't require constant upkeep and the healing is extremely team friendly.

@Weesheng: An Indigo'd Exploding Palm would make for some explosive fun!! The only thing I am a bit skeptical on is how likely will the bleed kill an enemy? I just wish that the corpse explosion would chain hit. lol.
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Incredibly similar to what I was going to do... Here it is:

<a href="http://us.battle.net/d3/en/calculator/monk#aiZdYb!ZWY!aYbcYZ">http://us.battle.net/d3/en/calculator/monk#aiZdYb!ZWY!aYbcYZ</a>

I was originally looking at using a wind element mystic ally to help with spirit generation, but I substituted for lashing tail kick for another damage dump option. Thoughts?
Edited by Shahamut on 10/27/2011 8:34 PM PDT
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Thats over a 56% chance to dodge (depending on crit chance), plus they have their own 30% miss chance.
Edited by Shahamut on 10/27/2011 8:43 PM PDT
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I agree that you have a lot of dodge. One of two things might hurt ya though.
The first, Transcendence will have to be supplemented with life leach from gear. You might not have enough life leach otherwise.
The second, you do more damage the more you dodge. Fists of Thunder causes enemies to not attack you i.e. you won't dodge an attack that never comes. I went with Crippling Wave so that enemies could still attack me but they'd do half damage. Thus I'd have more chances to dodge causing aoe dmg to enemies.

Lashing Tail kick is a good spirit dump for damage. It is more spammable than wave of light. I'd just rather save my spirit dump for healz. (personal preference)
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The dodge bonus with fist of thunder runed is more what I was going for. I see it this way: Either the rune replaces (in this case) the interrupt chance, OR if it is still interrupting, its only a small chance and the extra dodge bonus will still aid in not getting hit when surrounded.
Edited by Shahamut on 10/28/2011 6:15 PM PDT
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