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Please read d3 dev team... Important !!!!

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So, like everyone else, I love making my character look awesome... one thing that worries me is because there is set design tiers of gear, are we going to be limited to 3-4 different looks at end game.

Basically, will everyone eventually have the same looking armour at end game with slight dye variations. If so I think that is not really allowing enough individuality and personally from the leaked stuff that is out there, some of the early game armour looks really really nice and some of the late game stuff is a bit over the top for my liking.

What I think would be an easy fix to this with ZERO downside, could be a separate gear tab, which acts as like a wardrobe feature that many mmo's have.

So you would have 2 gear tabs, your main one with all of your gear, then the second tab would just have slots for all armour slots that change you visually (no rings, weapons etc) and only visually, just a cosmetic change and nothing else.

This allows high individuality amongst players as everyone will have their own look and style, not to mention we get to enjoy the great art that blizzard has worked so hard to create instead of everyone just replacing it with the top tier stuff and looking the same.

Would love it if everyone could sign the thread if they agree to a system like this.

Again, their is NO DOWNSIDE to implementing this!


Now that followers are end game viable, this raises a few questions/concerns.

1. How do followers effect monsters difficulty, if at all?
2. If the monsters are increased in difficulty (similar to how another player increases difficulty) is loot adjusted also, the reason I ask is if you have 2 players then you have 2x the loot.

So a player and a follower should have the same loot as 2 players IF the difficulty is the same as 2 players.

If followers do not increase the difficulty, then basically anyone who doesn't use one will gimp themselves as followers will add speed = more loot

Will be updating this thread soon with some other concerns and ideas, also please check out a previous post I made about an end game idea I had and leave your thoughts:
<a href="http://us.battle.net/d3/en/forum/topic/3082248455?page=1">http://us.battle.net/d3/en/forum/topic/3082248455?page=1</a>

Thanks for reading :)

Also if anyone from blizzard does read this, THANK YOU for making diablo 3, really cannot wait to get the lovely CE in my hands and enjoy its heavenly goodness :)
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There aren't 'Tiers' of gear like Lawbringer, Judgement, Redemption.

The tiers of gear are like they were in D2 just Inferno/Hell, etc. The legendary items will look different from one another, the rares will be different from legendaries.

From everything I've seen we won't look anywhere near the same, I doubt you will use the exact same gear I will and I doubt that gear will be obtainable beyond paying $$ for it for a long time at the very least.

Dyes, Banners, Skills (Rune combos).

You'll look different. If you don't, make yourself look different.

I've found at least 15 viable builds for each character that I'm dying to try out, and multiple different gear sets for each build.
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It is still limited art assets that you can find at end game, like from what I understand, the stuff you find in normal, nightmare, hell will not be featured in inferno.

Hopefully I am wrong and they have got those art assets in inferno with inferno stats. That would be good :)
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the stuff for inferno has only been getting designed for the paste 4 months or so the normal/nightmare/hell gear has 3 years of concept and design behind it.. expect the stuff not everyone is supposed to have to look great
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Yes but, ask yourself, what is the harm of letting people choose how they look?

Without this system, the choices are limited :(
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Armor dyes.
People should look like they are wearing what they are wearing.
No kawaiiugudesubunnies.

There is no reason for followers to affect difficulty.
There is no reason to reward you with more item drops for teaming up with someone else. You both already get your own item drops.
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"No kawaiiugudesubunnies." wut?

Why should people look like they are wearing what they are wearing? Please tell me why...

Also why should followers not affect difficulty? If they don't, then as I said before, you gimp yourself by not using it if you're soloing

"There is no reason to reward you with more item drops for teaming up with someone else. You both already get your own item drops."

Again, wut? I never said this... I said if difficulty is increased when using a follower then item drops should increase based on this (since that's how it works in parties, more players = more loot that drops that you can trade with each other)

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I always agree with appearance tabs, sometimes I'll find that sweet looking level 10 "Robe of Awesome Awesomeness", and then I'll have to replace it with "Plain Brown Robe of the Boring" because it gives me more stats and it makes me depressed.

Same with Diablo 3, at the end game I don't like having the same look as everyone else, in D2 you wouldn't find a decent Sorceress without a Shako, all barbs had BotD's, weapons were universalized to the role you were playing, contrary to what everyone says there WERE setups where you could have the best gear.

Having the creative freedom to say "I want to wear my level 10 robe, and dye it blue. Rather than use anything else" is great! It makes games so much more fun, and enjoyable.
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@CallMeSire You're missing the whole point of diablo...
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There'll be a lot more variation in character appearance than there was in D2, they'll probably just balance the solo game around expecting you to use a follower, and they'll keep loot just like it always is no matter how many players you have in the game. You always see the same amount of loot per monster called. Always. No matter how many players in game. The only thing that can change this is MF and the barbarian runestone effects.
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@CallMeSire You're missing the whole point of diablo...
There are different perspectives on this, and I'm curious about yours. What do you believe to be the whole point of Diablo?

Personally I always thought it was about wealth generation through monster slaying and trading, which you used to empower you for more wealth generation through more monster slaying and more trading, and etc. But there are other people who feel other ways about it. Some people think it's all about trying every diverse build, some people think its all about pvp, some people think its all about modding, and some people just like the story. What are you in it for?
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Somebody said somewhere that uniques will be the best gear in the game. I don't remember who said it, though.
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People really need to stop making horrible suggestions like this directed towards Blizzard when they have said multiple times not to do this.

Second, why do you care what your character looks like? You are killing demons, not having a fashion show with your WoW buddies.

I'm sure there are fashion based video games out there for you to play, please don't try to turn D3 into one of them. We don't need D3 to turn into next top model, this is a lame idea.

^^^ This.

Even if they do happen to put some thought and consideration into this idea, it would only mean more delay for the release. So no.
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10/23/2011 01:18 PMPosted by Cyro
Somebody said somewhere that uniques will be the best gear in the game. I don't remember who said it, though.
Whoever said that was crazy. Jay Wilson has said that rares and crafteds will probably be the best possible items due to the fact that they're entirely random, and can thus have a small chance of having the best possible affixes in the game.
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To me, diablo is all about killing demons and finding loot as you become more and more bad-!@# as you grow in power.

Anyway back to the key issue here, if you guys watch this video:
(don't watch if you don't want to be spoiled) you will see what the end game armors look like for each class.

Now when I see that, I'm worried that those are the armor designs that will drop in inferno + obviously legendary items. To me it doesn't seem like that much choice, all I am hoping for is something to give us more variety and choices.

For example, say I'm playing inferno and I don't like the designs of any of the helmets but I absolutely love one of the earlier game helmets, I would hope there would be a way for me to continue to use that awesome looking helmet instead of using something that I do not like the look of.

Be it simply randomizing the item designs in inferno so that you could find many of the same items but with different looks or something like a wardrobe feature.
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