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How much are you willing to pay for gear?

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10/26/2011 10:37 AMPosted by Obliterator
I ask myself this question: If no one would put money on the RMAH, how would it work?

That's the thing is most people on the forums have the same basic ideas... that's why we still enjoy trolling the forums. But there will be the smaller (I'm assuming) group of people who will flood money in and buy the items from the players that are playing the game like it's their job.
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Do I spend $20 on a piece of gear or pizza with my friend.... mmmm yeah I'm gonna go with food, I need to survive in the real world.

I'm spending $0 on the RMAH. There's no point to it and not required for my satisfaction. (Speaking for myself, not for anyone.)

I'd only use the gold AH.

Also I bought a game yesterday for less than $20. =)
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I have steady income of 80,000 per year.
so maybe I can spare 10,000 in one year?

I don't spend my money on much things.
You can always appeal to the 1% of d3 community and not the 99%
1% are rich and ready to snipe any item that they like in AH.

Really? 10k a year? U trolling? Just curious how someone would be willing to spend that kinda money on a game. 10k is a hell of a vacation

I guess to each and their own.

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I plan on finding some godly item early, sell it for big bucks and then use that as my pool of coin for personal items.

Just so you know, almost ever early item will be 'godly' and will be over priced.

No they won't. In fact, I have a feeling that the only items that are going to go for "big bucks" are T2 Inferno pieces, with MF.

Knowing how random D3 is, while considering that Inferno (the only items that will be worth any significant return) has 2 tiers of items/rarity... This is what you're saying in a different context:

"I plan on going to the casino after work and hitting the jackpot"

My point? "Planning" on randomness is foolish, but to each their own.

Really? 10k a year? U trolling? Just curious how someone would be willing to spend that kinda money on a game. 10k is a hell of a vacation

I guess to each and their own.

When anonymity is a factor, exaggeration is prevalent.
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I'll be selling on the RMAH, but I wont be buying. If nothing else, I just hope to have enough saved up for the first expansion by the time it comes out. Maybe MoP as well.
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Considering how rare items will be in this game, I probably will spend anywhere from $5-10 for an item to complete a set. Maybe even more if the item has good stats.

No single person will find all of the best end game items for their character so trading in the Gold or RMAH is inevitable. I'm actually hoping that items are rare enough that some people may never even find what they're looking for so they'll no choice but to trade.
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bumping for more replies
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I need to see if there's gonna be something that I'd really want. At this point, I have no intention of using actual currency to buy in game goodies. In game gold, sure. Cash. No.
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I don't plan on spending any money on myself.

BUT, I kind of see the RMAH like a possible investment/gamble. If I see an item selling for $5, but I'm reasonably certain I could sell it for $10, then I might buy it just for fun. Worst case scenario I sell it for the same price I bought it, maybe a dollar lost or something. Who cares? Not a big deal.
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I will only be willing to pay with whatever eBucks I get with the free weekly listings. If that is $1 week or $10 a week, that is what I am willing to pay. If I can't buy anything useful with it, I will just save and let the money pool.
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Really? 10k a year? U trolling? Just curious how someone would be willing to spend that kinda money on a game. 10k is a hell of a vacation

I guess to each and their own.

I think that even if it would be less than 10k it would still be stupid. I mean, there are always better things to do with your money (in order to have fun) than buying items in games. And if we consider the fact that the game will not actually be more fun even if you have better gear....
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Nada. I will be 100% in game cash legit.
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1 MILLION DOLLARS! *trigger dramatic music* *touches pinky finger to corner of mouth*

OK seriously,

I probably won't spend any of MY money, but what I may do is sell some items for money, then use that money to buy other items...I.E. just treat it all as in game gold, never make a deposit, never make a withdrawl. Spend what I make basically, cos eh, why not?

Having said that, I'm a hardcore player, and Blizzard is treating us like red headed step children right now...we don't get a RMAH because we don't deserve protection from 3rd party sites like softcore players do apparently...I guess its cos we are more hardcore? lol
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RMAH success is all gonna depend on the money inputed into the system the first month. Everyone one here thinks they're gonna find an item and make it rich. It won't happen. Too many people are going to play the conservative route offering to farm and pawn what they find. Yea occasionally some item may warant a high price, that person may opt to put some RM into the "economy". If everyone here thinks they're just gonna find items and make money it won't happen unless there are enough suckers to buy it, and put money into the system. From the sounds of it... there won't be many suckers.. too many kids, teens with no cash thinking they're gonna make this a living.
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I'd be willing to spend about $15 a month, same as I would pay for a typical subscription.
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10/26/2011 10:28 AMPosted by Tastymanwich
This, i dont have enough money to put any into the system, but if i make some i have no qualms about using it. I think the majority of people on these forums will also treat the RMAH this way (those who will use it of course).

Blizzard is giving freebies weekly to use the RMAH. Technically if you find a great item that isn't for your character, you can sell it on the RMAH. Then use that money to get yourself a nice piece.


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