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Monk Healer?

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What about this monk build healing a barbarian tank and a wizard dps in co-op?

EDIT: i know already he would have to dps with certain attacks to regain spirit, so dont say that
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As I'm sure you know, Diablo doesn't work like MMO's tank/dps/healer.

That being said, try this if you want to be a healbot:

2 low spirit cost bubbles:
Indigo Mantra of Healing - 25% of life as bubble - 10s duration/30sec cd
Golden Serenity - 100% incoming dmg - 3 sec duration/60s cd

High spirit cost/no cd heals:
Indigo Breath of Heaven - 75spi
Golden Inner Sanctuary - 80spi

Also persistent life regen thru Mantra of Healing.
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Ik it doesnt work that way, at least not as a must, but i would like to co-op through dungeons (isn't it a "dungeon-crawler action/rpg" game?) while using an optimal team, or at least a viable one for no one dying AND/OR soloing or pvping in arenas when i want to, so here's another build

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Monks are not healers. They just happen to be able to heal.

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10/31/2011 11:11 AMPosted by Boris
Monks are not healers. They just happen to be able to heal.

the whole point of the runesystem is to provide extreme build diversity. there are more than enough skills and passives designed for one to be able turn their monk into a walking healbot if they so choose.

it's fine if you don't want to be a healer. design your monk to deal damage or provide support or control or all three of those or whatever else you like. those of us who love healing have the choice, and will take it.
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It seems to me like a lot of people really like the draw of the "Monk Healer" build and I can certainly understand why, but one thing I see a lot of people do is go with Mantra of Healing - and I really don't understand why, the utility you can get out of this Mantra seems very minimal. And this makes sense - a Mantra that constantly healed you for anything beyond a minimal amount of HP would be very difficult to balance. Either the healing isn't enough, or it just does too much healing.

If you want to make a support / Healing Monk, Mantra of Healing is not the way to go, instead focus on preventing damage and buffing your allies, you'd rather do burst healing with Breath of Heaven since BoH doesn't have a cool down and burst healing is almost always better than healing over time, especially in games like Diablo where death is more likely to occur quickly than it is to occur as a slow whittling you down process.

I'd personally go with something like this:
Note I left one skill open: this is really up for personal preferrence depending on how healy vs. offensive you'd like to be. For people who want a pure healer build there's something to be said for Lethal Decoy (runed for Spirit Link) - it draws Fire from your allies, meaning they'll need less healing and does some minor healing of it's own. I think this might be over specialization though - sometimes it's good to have a mix of healing and offense rather than go pure healing. Sometimes you just don't need more healing than one skill gives you and my suspicion is going to be that Breath of Heaven will get us through just fine.

My personal choice would be Lashing Tail Kick because I think I could handle most of the healing I need to do with BoH and because of the knockback on Lashing Tail Kick - it lets you control the enemies a bit while remaining offensive and dealing reasonable damage. Additionally, it's low spirit cost means you can use it without being too afraid of not having the spirit you might need leader for a key life saving BoH.

It's worth noting that an alabaster Rune Mantra of Conviction prevents 30% of damage done (at rune level 4, I believe it was 45% damage reduction at Rune level 7), in any case I'm certain that a flat 30% reduction in damage done will save more lives than Mantra of Healing will, especially when you consider that it makes the health they do have (and therefore the healing from Breath of Heaven) more valuable and harder to take away. And on top of that it gives a spiffy 20% damage boost to all your allies.
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Well... We know: There are no tanks, no healers... That was, and I think it'll always be, Diablo's way.
But having a monk class that is REALLY able to heal is GREAT for the new shape of the game. (I mean realy because the class has a really nice mass heal skill and a ton of passives which increase healing)
Ok, we can't just sit there and heal like in WoW (but, who said it would be like this anyway?) but it'll make healing a much more complex role since everyone deals damage and everyone kill stuff LOL.
Makes me remember about those hybrid LichKing druid classes based on insect swarm + resto build LOL
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i am surprised that some of you think that for a healing monk to NOT have MoH is the better choice. I would have to beg to differ.

What part of 593 HP a second is bad? Especially when you can rune MoH to resist ALL TYPES of damage by 20%. Thats melee, ranged, elemental everything by 20%.

OR you could have it so MoH heals for 1186 per second. This is not minimal.

Also, if your going off of DiabloFans skill calc then you could spec MoH with the old indigo rune.

10 second shield that absorbs 40% max hp? That in of itself is HUGE! free shield that can be spammed over and over with bonus healing along with a shield. 50 spirit wont be that hard to get back if you spend it to make a 40% max hp shield around all your allies/followers.

To be a true healing monk and NOT have MoH is just plane ignorance to how the skill works and its benefits.

No life leech is as strong as MoH with the right runes.

The fact that some of you even use exalted for a healing build is questionable at best, poor judgment of how you will play during combat at worst.

Exalted is a one time free 100 spirit before you enter combat. After that it becomes worthless. Until your next encounter then again it is a free 100 spirit. The only thing i could see this 100 free spirit be used for is the 3 second mantra buff to enhance the mantra. Why not have it for MoH?

Also all those who have exalted as a passive have all spirit spenders with CD's. So why even have the extra 100 spirit? Your going to be gaining all the spirit you spent on your cool downs right back while you wait to use a cool down again.

Lastly Mface has the closest build without using MoH that could be a substitute for a quote "Healing" monk build even though it has no MoH. The down fall behind his are the passives.

2 passives that dont benefit your allies is not the way to be a supporting healing monk. The statement that some have made saying its better to have damage reduction than healing would even call this out.

Resolve is not just for us monks. 2.5 seconds helps everyone so that should be a must for anyone claiming to be a healing/support monk. So Resolve and Guiding Light should be MUST haves for a healing support. The 3rd slot can be what you wish. This is why i choose STI for more armor to keep myself alive to heal everyone else more.

Burst healing in Inferno with cool downs wont keep your party alive. People will be taking constant damage and gaining back whatever small amount of HP will be the difference between waiting for those burst heals to become available and death.
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@AA, blame the guy that bumped this old thread - all of the skill calcs are out of whack since they are based on the last calculator.

btw, I'm kind of partial to:



Full healer build for me these days:
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Just noticed the dates on the comments. Yeah very outdated lol.

I would use MoE as an alternative to MoH myself as well. Thats why i mentioned that MoE could be used. I like how you agree with me on the passives. Resolve and Guiding Light are huge for helping our parties stay alive.

Serenity is a great heal as well. Im trying to decide to use it or dashing strike. Reason why i would keep dashing is to get to my allies as quickly as possible. But i like it, so may use it
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I will never play a healer. It just sounds so boring. "Yeah I'm gonna let everyone else do the major fighting and I'll stand back and heal, only attacking some weaklings so I can get my spirit up to heal". Hell naw man, in diablo 2 I always died when I was playing sorceress just because I loved being close to combat (not a good idea for sorc, still my fav character though), and so now that there's finally a melee character I'm keen on I'm going to take advantage of all the action I can get!

P.S, Double Mantraing is just stupid. Why do I keep seeing it show up? It's practically wasting a skill slot.
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Focusing on healing is fine, but it's not going to do much against the massive flow of incoming damage alone. The amount you can heal is paltry compared to active control abilities that save you from taking damage at all.

I personally see healing as questionable in worth compared to stacking and staggering active control abilities and killing stuff fast. Main healing is from health globes--monk heals can maybe add an extra one or two periodically.
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