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Before this discussion continues to consolidate around the same debate that has been carried out many times...I will direct everyone to a post that goes over the 2 clashing perspectives very well.



Note: In the end it comes down to personal preference; support would only enhance those looking for it and not affect those who would not make use of it. If there is a large enough population pool that demands support, then that would respectively warrant its implementation.


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I personally don't really like the idea joining a clan/guild in D3, but I do think that support for it should end up in the game. Maybe it won't be at release, but it should be there eventually.

I really don't see how anyone could be against guild/clan support, to be honest. It doesn't hurt people who don't want to use it one bit, since you don't need a guild to do raiding or anything, like you do in WoW.

I guess the only reason people might be against it is the irrational knee-jerk WoW hatred that a lot of the people around here seem to have.

You are pretty much dead on with everything.

I'll just add this. To the shock of WoW players and haters alike. Diablo 2 clans preceded WoW guilds.

I.E. Diablo was first. Not WoW. Granted Diablo II was woefully lacking in clan support, we did have the option to make our own clan channels, and clans formed, as best they could, run by players with the limited tools we had.

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D3 is nothing like wow, the relation of guild and groups to run with is to much similar of wow.

This game IS NOT LIKE WOW, i myself do not want to have to wait on people or answer to some dbag.

Jay Wilson runs this !@#$!
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Technically, clans have always been part of the warcraft franchise, and none of the others.

Clan channels in Warcraft 3 battle.net, Guilds in WoW, lack of clan support in any of their other games.

But please, read my link to Bashiok's post above.

Jacka do you ever go into a post that someone else has made and actually agree with someone instead of just arguing and trolling?

Diablo II had clan channels, and players actually used them to create clans.

P.S. D2 was released before warcraft 3 and WoW, warcraft II did not have player run clans or guilds of any importance if at all.
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They announced in live Q+A that there will be no guild support, at least when the game launches.

It may be something that they can entertain in the future but I'd not hold my breath.
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10/22/2011 09:37 AMPosted by chcknsnack
The only guild feature I'm interested in are guild stashes/banks. I'm sure it will be implemented at some point.

I think this would be cool. If no guild features are added it would still be cool to be able to share a stash among friends. Doesn't seem likely though.
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I don't mind you trolling Jacka, I'm just honestly asking if you ever go into a post and agree or do you just argue with everyone?

I could make a D2 character go into a channel and use operator command on my D2 character. So you can spin it however you want, but D2 had access and the ability to use those channels as soon as they were on bnet.

Plus, and this is obvious, warcraft I-III weren't even RPGs! D2 was the first Blizzard RPG title with clans. Now you can say there was basically no support, other than, Blizzard gave access to the channels to D2 players and the ability to use some basic commands, but it was there...

My argument in a nice linear fashion:

1. D2 had clans
2. They served a purpose
3. Players wanted them bad enough that they put them together without much support from Bliz
4. Is there any logical reason NOT to include them since some people obviously want them and if they exist it doesn't hurt the people who don't want them to exist?
5. Just hating on them because they exist is dumb, clans existed in D2 pre-WoW.
6. If Blizzard likes giving players options to have fun in their own unique play style, and is willing to adapt to what players want I.E. many of the changes from D2 to D3, then this should be a no brainer.
7. If your an old school D2 player, and Diablo is the title to which you are the most loyal, not starcraft, not warcraft, not WOW, then this is obvious to you...Shout out, you know who you are ^_^
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10/22/2011 09:37 AMPosted by SNES
Everyone knows that if guilds/clans were in D3, tons of WoW-haters would flock the forums saying, "stop making D3 like WoW!"

Wrong, clans or guilds are not just made for wow they are made for any game that has some type of a social network.... look at warcraft 3 clans were supported perfectly all the time in that game and i never heard any wc3 players go on the wow forums and say "stop making WoW like Wc3!!!" cuz clans or guilds are just to group up with buddies and to start a fraternity of people you can trust.
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Make friends, get to know people, play with people you know you can trust/count on....its a lot of fun on HARDCORE mode.

Friends list, hello?
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