Diablo® III

Chain-Stun Supression Monk

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Purpose: Single target destruction, think... PvP

Stack Spirit Regen
Try to generate more than 17 spirit / second for chaining Lashing Tail Kick stun.
Coincidentally, 1020 / minute = 17 / second

Gap Closing: Dashing Strike, Seven Sided, 1st Hit Fists of Thunder
Interrupt: Fists of Thunder 15%
2.8 seconds 50% Dashing Strike @ 10 spirit : 0 cooldown : heals 426 per cast
2.2 seconds 100% Lashing Tail Kick @ 37.5 spirit : 0 cooldown : heals 1597 per cast
2.0 seconds 70% Mantra of Retribution

Beacon of Ytar: Removes cooldown on 2 stunners and a dps aoe gap closer
Pacifism: Prevent opponents from disabling you from disabling them.
Transcendance: Healing

Your target is disabled and is too stunned to do anything to you. His allies, will try to hurt you, but your transcendance healing, and reflected damage and potential stun from mantra of retribution will punish them for focusing on you rather than your allies. If they manage to stun you to keep you away from them, you're somewhat safe due to Pacifism. Extensive mobility and gap closing ensures you will be constantly within range to "suppress" your target.

Like this build? Check out my dodge build:
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85 Undead Priest
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So... what's the plan before you get the uber monk item everyone will want that only drops in inferno and will probably sell for $100+ on the RMAH?

Sorry, but I can't help but laugh at builds where step one is "get the best item in the game for your class"
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Yeah... you're never going to have the spirit to make use of all those spenders.

Pretty terrible builds, even for pvm imo
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100 Troll Druid
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Blinding Flash would be far more valuable than Wave of Light in this build. Wave of Light is good damage, but weak control (especially since you're relying on crits from WoL). Blinding Echo 50 spirit for a 20 yard soft-stun and a miss-chance debuff, no cooldown.

You've got more than enough skills to handle close range stuns, Blinding Flash would effectively stun everything that's not in melee range (not being hit by your AoE from Fists of Thunder).
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Thanks for your unconstructive post.
1. That's not the only item in the game that has spirit regen.
2. Listing an example item seems to have confused you. Pointing out that for some reason, the max possible regen value on the item happens to align with infinite lashing tail kicks as an observation seems to have further confused you.
3. You don't need to have the perfect item to use this build. It still is heavy on stuns and gap closing.

It's for fun, but clearly, you don't know how to have fun.

Also, I never said it was step #1... just mentioning what kind of items are recommended for the build.

Also, have you guys noticed that all the spirit spenders spend alot?
Blinding FLash 50
Lashign Tail Kick 25 *
Breahof Heavn 75
Dashing Strike 10 *
Lethal Decoy 75
Inner Sanctuary 80
Tempest Rush 12/sec
Serentiy 35
7 strike 50
Mystic Ally 50
Wave of Light 50

I do have a spirit generator.. and, with some good attack speed, and optionally a yellow rune, and some itemization, I'm not sure you guys are in a position to claim it is impossible to run this build (You're in the beta,... I dont' think you've seen end-game). And, there's absolutely no reason I need to be able to generate enough spirit to use all skills at all times. There's no skill build that would support that anyways, you can only cast 1 spirit generator at any point in time. So, what's wrong with spamming your spirit generator and casting low spirit cost spells and storing up a crazy supression combo?
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@Krystle, good input. I agree about blinding flash in PvM, though I had PvP in mind when making this build, and was unsure how effective blind might be. And, I really just wanted every stun possible :)
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100 Troll Druid
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It all depends on wether or not the blind will mezz players or just debuff them. I want to say it'll mezz them, but part of me knows that a 20 yard AoE mezz would be insanely OP in PvP :-(
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85 Dwarf Shaman
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I prefer 2 spirit generators so you can take advantage of Animation Cancelation. I do like the idea....I feel dash being able to stun is going to be way too strong in pvp but we will have to wait and see.
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Animation cancelling, forgot about that. Then, I'd probably swap out Wave of Light for Crippling Wave... increase dmg output, and slow them.
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It seems to be a good build although you can change some stuff like others mentioned. As of now we do not know how PvP will go so no one can say it is a fail build.
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