I have noticed is that there seems to be an issue understanding what people are actually talking about when they say "open PvP". Please try to look at both sides of the issue before saying that only your way is the best and only.

1. "open PvP" - defined by those for (from what I’ve seen) - able to just throw down with whoever, wherever.

2. "open PvP" - defined by those against - the ability to grief and annoy the crap out of those in open games looking for coop and being hindered in the game mode they chose to play.

My Thoughts: I am a long time PvE player, I have never been hugely into the PvP side of Diablo or WoW or heck even SC2, I enjoy the story, lore, co-op aspects much more.

1.For – I think the idea of being able to “duel” buddies or even companions in the campaign has a place, I say duel because that is what it should be, a duel – a formal combat with weapons fought between 2 persons. (aka Consensual, can’t emphasize that enough)

I played D2 enough with friends and it was fun to occasionally throw down and take each other’s ear’s  . I also played WoW enough that there were times when there would be huge battle’s taking place in a random field in a zone because someone got ganked and called in the cavalry. Again, Fun occasionally.

PvP’s don’t think I’m throwing ya’ll under the bus here, I have seen a couple cool suggestions that I think Blizzard would be hard pressed to say wouldn’t be a good idea. One I liked was, the idea of having large scale battles with others, and I love the idea of Arena’s with observers and just being able to jump in the ring to try your hand at it and the gambling aspect of that. Awesome idea.

2.Against – I like what Blizzard has done and taken away the ability for high leveled, uber geared individuals to wreck a low levels day on purpose.

I think that everyone really just wants to enjoy the game. I guess for some that enjoyment comes from the unexpected person trying to come kill them. I don’t get it but I know others do. PvE’s I think we can agree that the PvP’s want to enjoy the game too, and they are disgruntled that the game mode they love and cherish doesn’t seem to be intact in the game to them at this time. I can understand that.

One last overall point I would like to make. PvP in and of itself means “Player vs Player” now to me that implies that Player A is fighting Player B or Team A vs Team B. Both of these examples is not Player Epic Axe vs Player Level 1 Stick. If you want to promote griefing of others just please don’t comment. I’m trying for some understanding here and a collective community. I’d rather enjoy the game with everyone else, in all the game modes. It is just very hard to promote the chance of having to fight both monsters and players at the same time in a game that Blizzard has been trying very hard to make into a co-operative benefiting game. Please tell me that those for PvP can see that side of the argument.

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