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Diablo 3 Grind group!!!

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10/27/2011 02:49 AMPosted by Peacenerd
run my own business and entend to power level my crafting.

doing treasuretroopers out of your mom's basement isn't a "business".
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What kind of business do you own that will allow you to play D3 for 12-16 hours a day? I think I'm in the wrong line of work.
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10/27/2011 07:25 AMPosted by John
Over 9,000!

Thats.... Not.... POSSIBLE!
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10/27/2011 08:17 AMPosted by JSBoehmer
What kind of business do you own that will allow you to play D3 for 12-16 hours a day? I think I'm in the wrong line of work.

For real, are there any franchise opportunities?
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Why would I need you to grind and make money in D3?
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26k a year

below poverty level...

/sip coffee search monster.com

Sounds about right except 26k is beyond the poverty line in the US by a few thousands.OP should try and find a real job that pay same if not more per year while not having to work for 16 hours a day.
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10/27/2011 08:13 AMPosted by MducoSiskel
Dude what did you buy? I spent 1000$ on my new computer and i got an I7 2600k 3.4Ghz, two Geforce GTX 560TI in SLI a Gigabyte gaming motherboard, can't remember model right now and im at the office, 32GB Ram, 5 Extra Fans and 1 Zalman heatsink for my processor. 1 razer mouse 1 razer keyboard, set of headsets, and still wasn't 1000$ since i got 3 PS3 games in the same shoplist :P so... did you buy 1 or 5 computers?

How'd ya manage that?

Cheapest motherboard I can think of that would support sli is about 100 dollars (if you got a good mother board odds are you paid more)
The cards are about 200 dollars a piece
The CPU is 300
That's 800 and that's not including case, heatsink, memory, dvd, Power supply I mean seriously I don't see how you could have got all that for under 1000 unless you reused a lot of stuff or got it second hand either way you shouldn't be comparing to him who probably got everything new
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Successful troll is successful
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He spent 3,000 on his computer...!!!

I spent $5,000 on my computer.

Oh wait, I think it was $20,000.

/sips coffee

/threw coffee away after realizing I didn't spend a fortune on it
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Hey you wasted your money.
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guys wtf? is obviously that no one here knows about the release of i8 processors... noobs
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Ya I don't think that I will be doing much grinding for a long time to come. I want to explore every inch of every map. And I want to play through all of the difficulty levels.........take my time and what.
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10/27/2011 08:12 AMPosted by Savior
Ok, why would he be looking for other players for a grinding group if he was going to multibox?

Ok now that i have taken 2 seconds. Sit down and take a couple yourself. He's a Business man. He's probably looking to maximize his capability to farm. He cant hold all his Loot on 1 toon so why not multi box with multiple accounts so he has advantage of ( roughly speaking 3 account ) 2x shared stash, and Xx amount of Characters. I see he said he wanted a group. What happens when there is no group? ok your seconds are done you may Carry on.

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10/27/2011 02:59 AMPosted by Kayaan
Sorry I won't play with anyone that spends less than 5k on their computer.
This made me lawl.
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