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what sells you on D3

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I am just wondering what are the features of the game that sell you on the game.

As charged as i am about the rmah it not the most important feature of the game to me. if i thought the game wasn't for me i wouldn't bother with posting 55 posts a day ..

so what sells me fast paced design of the game from start to farming inferno.. that the game has taken much of the time where your not killing stuff out of the gameplay.. this is actually one of the reason i have played so many games in the past 14 years.many games hit a point where your running around to get to where you need to kill stuff more than you are killing stuff. game get boring ..off to next game.

there how easy it is and will be to level and gear up alts .. there is no assumed dedication to one main..with the shared gold ,stash and crafters ..imake leveling alts quite addictive for a power leveler..and the eventual ability to sell alts means i never have to look at a full list of max alts and delete one .

I am excited about inferno .. because it will be difficult and every mob will have the chance to have a nice price inside.. i can pop into one area kill a bunch of stuff for a wile ..pop into another act kill stuff there for a while and just happily go about my unhealthy number of hours played ..killing and slaughter stuff..

tldr - games sexy because you can always be killing stuff no downtime

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i don`t know, i think the engi + organization of blizz, sold me out...
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/smacks azmodan

"that right fatty"
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Easy- it's made by Blizzard. Nuff said.
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Inferno difficulty got me real excited. And the continuation of the story that I enjoyed through the previous games (which seems like they've really taken up a notch with the lore as well).

But most of all it's the revamps, reduxes, updates, and overall better mechanics over what was in the previous title of the franchise while still keeping the same core gameplay that I loved so much.

- The awful "Hostility" system is gone, to be replaced with the Arenas where PvP'ers can go to fight with people.. who actually want to fight other people.

- AH to facilitate much easier trading.

- Shared stash for a secure way to move things between characters

I love a lot of the other new systems and mechanics in D3 as well, but the ones listed above are really the ones that sold me on the game.
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The name of the game.

99% of the people on here would buy it without knowing anything about it (I know I would).
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D1 and D2.

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It's Diablo 3.
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Jess your evil.. i thought you where telling me i had beta ...then i read "installwow.exe" ..

sad panda
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Blood splattering monster killing for hours on end?

Potentially riveting story line?

Awesome graphics and cool animations with a crazy physics system?

Phat Lewtz?

None of these 13 year old WoW kiddies that are so fat they breathe like darth vader?

Yes please.
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I need a new Blizzard game fix. Quit WoW months ago and I don't expect HotS for at least another 9 months.
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lol sells? no interest in money yo.

if you use "encourages you to play D3"
i would be much more inclined to answer this.

*sips orphan tears*
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Because of 2 things, it's Diablo, and it's a Blizzard game.

Let me explain that better. Another company could make a game very similar to this, and offer very similar features and look similar. But the truth is Blizzard has a track record for amazing quality in their releases. I trust Blizzard as a game developer, I see and feel their passion in the games they make, and they ALWAYS deliver.

I think the only other developers I trust this much is Bioware with any story-driven RPG and VALVe.
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More variants of fallen for me to massacre.

That and the Monk.
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10/27/2011 10:25 PMPosted by MLavore
None of these 13 year old WoW kiddies that are so fat they breathe like darth vader?

It's a good dream, but do you really think an "M" rating will save you from the pudgy mouth-breathers?

On a more positive note, though, I suppose we will be afflicted with their presence a bit less.
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Simply it being a Diablo game. No more potion spamming and no more classes that can destroy content without any gear.

I'm sure I will enjoy the story at least the first couple times through as well.
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