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Truly Unique Items. Come on guys...

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It would be tough to do this without screwing up balancing, the easiest thing to do for balancing purposes that you can do to make weapons truly unique is giving them a chance to spawn a pet or cause an explosion or set something on fire or turn them into a frog or something along those lines.

Really, balancing all these different skill combinations already must be a huge hassle(balancing is most likely the biggest culprit in the release delays), I can't even imagine having do that that while including possible weapon ability modifiers.
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So basically, items that incorporate some of the effects runes have on skills? Such as adding damage to arcane orb?

That would be pretty cool, but it sounds like they'd have to have TONS of those type of items in order to give a real variety to a good cross section of skills.

Still, would be fun.
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Just please don't bring back charges in weapons / armor. It may have been cool to have a ring with 30 charges of teleport with a barbarian in D2 but it got expensive to 'repair'.

Some things I would like to see are:
Weapons (legendary / set, or runeword) granting certain skills to any class (passive auras?) or having a % chance to strike with a skill (bash)

Legendary weapons like bows and crossbows always shooting "explosive" arrows, or magical arrows, so that non-demon hunter classes can have fun with the bows and make their own unique builds.

Synergy bonuses on weapons that work with elemental skills.

More Legendary items with unique purposes, not just for higher damage. (Venomlord from D2 was 100% life steal but a lot weaker... could still be upgraded with cube recipes to higher grade weapon) More cool effects like hit blinds target (not low % chance like on magic stuff), hit freezes target, prevent monster heal, causes enemies to flee x yards, 100% increased attack speed (but weaker damage), etc.

I'd like to see a lot more of the all-purpose legendary items return, specifically the Ribcracker. It was just a staff, but a melee staff that could be used by any class who wanted to dish out a lof of double damage strikes, really fast, wich chance for crushing blows too (chance to deal 1/2 of current hp).

This has somewhat been done in Diablo 2, having items (runewords) that grant skills that classes do not possess. It would be cool to see a legendary weapon have a chance to cast spells or attacks that NPC's might have. (turn into a fetish on D2 is an example, or the % of slain monsters return as ghosts / spirits to aid you)

Having items / weapons / armor react depending on day / night scenarios would be pretty awesome too.
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It's this whole quest for "balance" that has ruined WoW's itemization and made it the boring "Ooooh, I got +1 more damage on this new epic!" game that it is. If Diablo 3 goes that way, it will be a shadow of the game Diablo 2 was.
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I think that at least a few people agree with me on this one but some vanity items instead of some item that is let's say "uber Terrorizor of TERRORIZING DoOm!" effect: +infinite dmg! How bout "Hellscreams Battle-axe" effect: as the wind is split by it's edge Hellscream can be heard in battle (enter bloodlust roar here)... also, no one knows how this axe fell into sanctuary... >_< Hellscream was the first thing to come to mind don't knock the comment just cuz I used a wow reference that almost anyone that knows about warcraft can relate to.
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Ignoring most of the posts to give the most correct answer. Time and artists. It's not the developers who come up with the effects, it's the artists who have to envision them, draw up the effect on cgi, and then implement it into coding. It's a lengthy process, and their artistry team is working on making the background of the game look truly stunning. You have to pick and choose, you can't have everything. They can use this as a huge window for patching though.
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I loved the one posters idea of having special cosmetic affixes. Not a balance concern and could be very fun if they are rare enough/cool enough.
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Windforce: constant effect while equipped: just pointing the bow and facing enemies causes them to be pushed back slightly from a gust of wind.
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