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Max-level Artisans on a new Character? :-(

I do not like the idea of never seeing the progress of my artisans once one of my characters upgrades them, but I do accept the idea that you need only upgrade an artisan a single time to gain the benefits on all characters.

In the general forums, I started a thread on the idea that I think the displayed level of your artisans should be restricted by a new character's progress (level progress or storyline progress). I just realized that such a thread is more appropriately discussed here, but if you want to refer to the other one, here it is:

I think this is advantageous not only so that we can see the low-level artisan artwork more than merely on your first playthrough, but also so that you automatically see recipes that are more suited to your new character's level. I think that seeing your artisans level up with you would also lend itself towards the feeling of significance when gaining a character level, and would mitigate annoyance at having to return to town to respec skills.

"Gained a level! Yay! Want to respec... have to return to town... boo! *recalls* My artisan is leveling up! Yay!" etc.

Edit: I wonder if a toggle option in the game-settings to use storyline artisans or use account artisans would be an easy compromise between supporters of my idea and the opposition. Hmmm...
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Waste of time to bother implementing.
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Would you say it is a waste of time to implement the visualization of the artisans reaching higher levels in the first place? I mean, does it add any functionality to the game at all?

Hell, why don't all the NPCs just stand in one place, rocking back and forth, like in Diablo 1? What benefit is served by having them visually depict busying themselves with their trades?
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I can understand your reasoning behind this idea, I mean, it would be nice to see them level as your new characters do (kind of adds a sense of accomplishment). But, as Spiffytastic said it probably would be a waste of time <i>right now</i> to impliment such a minor cosmetic change. Right now their primary focus should be getting the game out ASAP.

On the other hand, it's a bit redundant considering gear requirements are level based, so you won't be able to equip anything they can make until you are the appropriate level.
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I'd guess the main reason is, when you do start an alt, you can now put to use them mid to low level set item reciepe's you found on your lvl 50. lvl 25 crafted set items not so great on a lvl 50 in hell.
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I agree that having a maxed out artisan will reduce the immersion and takes away from the 'reality' of the game (in b4 lol reality in a fantasy game) but it wouldn't make gameplay sense to have a new character only able to access an entry level artisan since the introduction of the shared stash would just mean hopping onto your highest level character and making the item.

What would be good is that the artisan follows your max level character but appears as a low level one, then automatically gains levels once the minimum requirements are reached
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You "want" to waste more of your gold on upleveling artisans more than once?

It's expensive... and if you want to be able to use the AH (or RMAH) effectively for your own crafted goods, you are better off only leveling them once.
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I'd rather not level up artisans more than once. Otherwise everyone will just level them on their first character and use the stash to move stuff back in forth (that is what I would do, and what everyone I knew in WoW did). Account wide artisans just eliminates this need.

I am sure there will be plenty to grind in the form of recipes and materials. Since properties are random it could take a long time to get the legendary you want. I love the idea of spending more time making things and less time learning to make things. I hated how WoW's crafting system was a grind to level and then the gear was only on par with the lowest end game content...the only worthwhile professions involved consumables in my opinion.
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Everyone has valid points here. I personally lie in the OPs camp. I go farther and would personally like each character to have their own journey through the game. But with a shared stash, gold, and artisans it is just too much to purposely go out of the way to avoid. I'll do what I can to avoid ruining the experience for secondary characters, but the fact is I won't be able to avoid it completely and some of the game experience will be lost because of it. Being a software dev myself with an app that allows every piece of the software to be customized, I see no reason against or difficulty in providing a user preference whether each character is treated as part of a joined account or each their own. The one preference would be a toggle for shared stash, gold, artisans.
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