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Inferno Isn't going to work as intended


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10/26/2011 09:00 PMPosted by turttler
i agree, its funny how all of you know exactly what the game will be like when even blizzard doesnt have anything finished. i think blizzard will do the best they can and that the best blizzard can do will amaze me. now stop QQ and go play battlefield till d3 is out.

game is finished scrub
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From an interview at Blizzcon

Gameplanet: You’ve said that there are tiers of items in Inferno, how do you access the different tier tables in Inferno? Do I have to find the tier 1 version before the tier 2 version is added to the table, or?

Cheng: We haven’t finalised that but speaking in general numbers, 70 per cent of our items are in post-Normal, that’s sort of divided throughout. The items are randomly generated, and for those who remember playing in Diablo II, throughout nightmare difficulty I think there was a 10 per cent chance of getting an exceptional weapon, and then in Hell you had a five per cent chance of getting an elite [weapon]. That really was to extend out the item hunt, to make it increasingly difficult and rewarding to get the very best items in the game. For the record, those five and 10 per cent numbers are illustrative of the kinds of things we’re thinking about!
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Maybe I am assuming to much here, I mean are the monsters not all supposed to be level 61 ? That would mean they all are equally strong and you are more worried about the affixes on said monsters right? I highly doubt that any monster will be any stronger than another. I do believe thou that certain Affixes will definitely be harder than others.

I really hope they took out the "Magic/Physical Immunes" these were terrible =( not being able to kill 70% of monsters in hell diff as a Barbarian is sad.

10/26/2011 07:47 PMPosted by Cheesy
Nowhere did anyone say inferno was going to be easy.

Actually you kinda did when you think Act one will be easier than the rest... ignorant you are my child.

10/26/2011 10:53 AMPosted by Cheesy
Ok here is the problem with that: I am going to find the easiest place in inferno with lots of rares and champs and farm it.

Again another Ignorant statement made by you cheesy ... You have no clue how hard it will be none of us really do except the blizzard employee's testing the game.

sure act I monsters will have the same level as act 4 monsters BUT they have much easier mechanics so people will do runs on them.

Man you are just as Ignorant as myself and every one else but the blizzard employees testing out the game. So do us all a favor and stop typing up stuff that means nothing.
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Inferno is going to work exactly as Blizzard intends it to be.
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What's going to happen is certain classes will be more comfortable with certain areas and those will be their farming spots. Demon Hunters for example will be after packs of slow moving melee that are weak to physical or whatever damage they are focusing on.

Blizzard said that if they see a farming pattern that becomes too mainstream they will definitely do something about it, so that should help make the whole game fun and give us a reason to visit tons of areas instead of just a few. My suggestion would be to just query the database for where level 60's are spending their time each week, make the list public, and give the lesser visited areas a much higher chance to spawn a treasure hunter and also a moderately higher chance to drop loot. Then a week later, it should all change up a little bit at least. If not, then increase the drop bonuses or tweak the monsters somehow without breaking the story and setting.
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10/26/2011 09:29 PMPosted by Payrus
i agree, its funny how all of you know exactly what the game will be like when even blizzard doesnt have anything finished. i think blizzard will do the best they can and that the best blizzard can do will amaze me. now stop QQ and go play battlefield till d3 is out.

game is finished scrub

dont think so bro. maybe a big part of it is but if it is 'finished' then it would be shipping... scrub
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And here is a simple counter to your otherwise intelligent observation.

Don't farm, (or at least, don't farm the same small area over and over again). Play the game, beginning to end, go back and kill bosses / rares and champions every once in awhile, but make progressing through Inferno mode your top priority.

At its very core, there will always exist flaws, such as this one, in any game. Blizzard makes these games, and tries very, very hard to make them as polished and refined as possible. But it is ultimately up to the people how they will play the game.

In Inferno mode, you are not forced to farm anything. Sure, running through an act again to get more gold / loot is usually a good idea, but with the AH / crafting options now in the game, its not necessary to do so. If you choose to farm the same spot over and over again because its an "easier" way to gear up, then you are only hurting yourself.

In short, if you see farming one area as an easy way to gear, and you believe that this is a flaw in the design of Inferno Mode, which will break it to the point where it will not work as intended....

Don't Farm.
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It'll work fine. AND if it doesn't work the way people want it to there will be tons of complaining on the forums about it. Blizzard will read and tell everyone that everything's gonna be fine and the world wont end.

But of course that is after the game comes out and people have actually played it to see if it will work as "intended".
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10/26/2011 10:10 PMPosted by Nazárid
Actually you kinda did when you think Act one will be easier than the rest... ignorant you are my child.

That's relativistic ease you rock-biter
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10/26/2011 10:53 AMPosted by Cheesy
they have much easier mechanics so people will do runs on them.

This is a completely unfounded assumption.
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10/27/2011 01:13 AMPosted by Dreyfuss
This is a completely unfounded assumption.

nope once again

minions of destruction>Burning soul> venomlord

They all have same TC but some are clearly harder to kill than others. I use this as an example of how it worked in D2.

You farmed the easiest level with the highest TC.

Why do you guys seem to think that zombies are suddenly going to become hard? They are easy to kill by their nature even when they scale.

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How do you know the mechanics of inferno? have you played yet?
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It's obvious that the OP is a time-traveler that has been to the future and is now back to warn us about Blizzard's intent with Inferno and how it won't work. It's prudent to believe him because only a complete idiot that doesn't know what he's talking about would make baseless claims about mechanics they know nothing about, and who would want to go out of their way to make themselves look idiotic? Certainly not this man.

Clearly he has played Inferno and knows everything there is to know about the game's mechanics. With his clairvoyant abilities, he is able to completely understand Blizzard's intent with Inferno and deduce how things won't measure up. With secret knowledge that is in no way based off of mere assumptions, he has informed us of Blizzard's folly and how the end-game is doomed. Truly, this person is a gift to man, a true pioneer and scholar.

Everyone here should be thanking this person as he's just saved you 60 of your hard earned dollars. You no longer even need to buy the game because we all now know that Inferno will not work as intended. Heck, thanking him doesn't even do justice. We should all start praying to him, for he holds the keys of the future in his hands and we wouldn't want him to smite us with his wrath. Anger him, and the next thing that may not work as intended is your eternal soul. Trust me, if anyone would know that, it would be him.
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10/26/2011 10:54 AMPosted by Arkx
Also I think they have said that they will be monitoring how people farm Inferno and make adjustments accordingly.

They have specifically stated that this will happen. So....

/end thread?
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It's not going to work, because.... I said so. Not because I've tried it and it's based on some facts that I've found. Just pure skepticism and my opinion. So basically... you're Fox news.
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I bet that by the time the full game is released, there will be some compensation for running the harder acts. This looks like it could be a real problem and I don't think Blizzard will just ignore it.
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Haters gonna hate
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So... You.... Didnt hear the whole part about... Inferno having THREE tiers of armor?

Where the farther you go (in the acts) you get better loot?

Yeah, farming the last act for rares will be easy mode... OH WAIT its randomly generated....

.... interesting....
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No one wants to traverse the whole game over and over again...they want to find a nice comfortable setting that they are accustomed to and farm for loot drops.

Speak for yourself.

I want nothing more to do this.

More content to run means more fun, especially when its more randomized.
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