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diablo a girl? makes no sense.

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You know, I never watched the exorcist. But even though the a demonic entity possessed the daughter that didn't make it female. Diablo's essence can still be male, even if he distorted the appearance of the opposite sex.
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Like the song says......"Lots of people talking,
Few of them know
Soul of a woman
Was created below
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Whats the issue with the lord of destruction being female?....Just look at the goddess Kali
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Oh well i agree, demons and angels dont have genders (according to byble)and also in Daiblo games, but how come ball , diablo and meph are tree borthers ?They have to be males then :P And they are in physical form from the beggining after they came to exsist from one of Tathamet heads :P They are males by origin, but can also take male and female appearance i guess :P
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And in the new Tv Video Diablo all on fire simply looks amazing and EVIL regardless of his gender.. I think its just a new modern design that Blizzard chose for a new Diablo game, nothing more than that...
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f you watch the cinematics from Diablo 2, the act 4 one references this. When Marius is peeking around the corner at the meeting between Mephisto, Tal Rasha (Baal was imprisoned within him), and the Dark Wanderer (Corrupted by diablo), Mephisto says "It is time for you to take your TRUE form, my young brother." After he says this, the Dark Wanderer collapses and Diablo bursts out from within him.

Hes not a chick.
That is his true form.

Quit making junk up :p
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i agree, this is a big dissapointment. when i think of terror, anything of a human female shape just doesnt strike fear into my heart. diablo is supposed to make you friggin scared as hell. the first 2 games scared the !@#$ out of me. sorry, but this is a big fail on blizzards part. BUT, non the less, i will still play the %^-* out of this game.
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Its a demonic possession. Nuff' said.

That said, its rare enough to have a villianess that's not a stereotypical seductress or is propped up by a male villain.

I want more of those kinds of villains! http://tvtropes.org/pmwiki/pmwiki.php/Main/DarkActionGirl
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Personally, after reading the book of cain, I'm convinced Leah is part demon (after all it's strongly implied she was conceived by the dark wanderer and adria). Assuming that's correct, she would be no ordinary demon, being the "daughter" of diablo himself. My best guess is that at some point diablo is able to rise from the abyss and manifest himself in her due to the connection, or some event occurs which triggers her demon side coming forth and transforming her into a new earthly form of diablo.

The real question to me, is that if deckard cain knows this 1) why is he telling her in such a casual fashion and 2) Y AINT HE KILLIN DAT !@#$% B4 SHE BECUMZ DIABL0 OH GOD
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How do you know he was even a boy! Pretty sure he was naked in both d1 and d2 and I don't recall seeing a demonic dingaling. Not that I was looking.
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05/02/2012 03:34 PMPosted by Drakain
How do you know he was even a boy! Pretty sure he was naked in both d1 and d2 and I don't recall seeing a demonic dingaling. Not that I was looking.

Maybe because everyone in D2 referred to Diablo as "him." Baal and Mephisto referred to Diablo as "brother," and Tyreal referred to Diablo as "him" as well. Those three in particular know enough about Diablo to know whether or not he is a guy or girl, and they clearly refer to him as a guy.

For the record, I will be perfectly fine with Diablo possesing a woman and getting a thinner form (I also think the new design looks awesome). I will be pissed if they say that Diablo the demon is a woman though. It has been pretty cut-and-dry through the series and even the revamped lore in the Book of Cain that Diablo is male.
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Diablo + PMS = The mistress of terrifyingly terrifying nagging and chocolate cravings.
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If you read the Book of Cain, he clearly states that Adria is Leah's mother. The Dark Wander (aka Prince Aidan, aka Diablo) after defeating Diablo below Tristram in Diablo 1, spent many nights alone and reclusive in Tristram, save for his late nights spent in "conference" with the witch, Adria. Shortly after the Dark Wander's departure, a very pregnant Adria leaves to escape to Caldeum to give birth to Leah. Therefore, Leah is the daughter of Prince Aidan and Diablo.
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12.. The answer is 12!
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Im sort of a noob to diablo, so what image is everyone talking abt that makes diablo look feminine? i played diablo 2 and he seemed pretty masculine. i wanna see what they did to him
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The art of Diablo (III) which I have seen makes Diablo out to be some sort of Alien... like from the "Alien" movies. I used to have "Alien" action figures as a kid, and some of the art of Diablo that I have seen recently on Blizz's site definitely looks more like an "Alien" than a Diablo 1 or 2 character!

I think the new Diablo art looks more Asiatic-influenced. Thinner beings, huge weapons, etc.

StarCraft 2 took the same turn with the Zerg swarm woman... Kerrigan. Asian art for a new, Asian world.
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