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Hardcore Monk Build

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I want to start by saying that I do not have access to the beta and am basing my theories off what I've seen through videos, websites and some personal theory-crafting with the numbers made available to me.

I think that I have a good idea on how to provide myself with some mitigation and mobility through my passive and spirit spenders, but my question will be what most monks will use as their spirit builders?

I'll add a build shortly.
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Since survivability reigns supreme in Hardcore I would go with something like:


A few notes: I would use a staff to maximize the damage on Mantra of Evasion (Backlash), I imagine you'll have the defenses to not have to worry about the 10% dodge DWing would give you.

Defensively from skills and passives you've got:
Reduce enemy damage by 50%.
Reduce enemy damage by 30%.
Reduce enemey attack speed by 35%.
Increases your armor by 125%.
21% increased dodge chance.
30% Increased dodge chance.
50% of crit rating used to increase your chance to dodge.
50% extra HP.
Once every 90 seconds when you would otherwise be killed, you are restored up to 35% HP and spirit.
Your main spirit spender is Breath of Heaven so you should have a steady stream of HP.

Enemies really shouldn't be able to hurt you. I assume the damage reduction abilities are multiplicative (most things seem to be, I know a good number of systems have been already proven to be multiplicative in the beta). So, let's assume before damage reduction an enemy hits you for 1000 damage.
Reduce by 50% (50% of 1000 = 500. 1000 - 500 = 500 damage)
Reduce by 30% (30% of 500 = 150. 500 - 150= 350 damage)

In other words by the end of the damage reduction alone you are taking 35% of the damage you would have otherwise taken (with the caveat that you must hit your enemy to gain said bonus). If you include the attack speed slow you end up reducing enemy damage to (350 x 0.35 = 122.5, or in otherwords just over 12% of the initial damage).

So, you're only taking 35% of the damage you would have otherwise taken, oh wait you still have 125% increased armour and a dodge chance that's probably pushing 50% after gear that the damage has to go through. Oh, and you also have 50% additional HP and an ally walking around taking some hits for you.

And even then you can spam Breath of Heaven on yourself to keep yourself afloat.

Oh, and even if the enemy does kill you, bam you're jumped back to 35% HP and if you're really worried you can go hide for 90 seconds.
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