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Leah *Spoilers* maybe

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If you listen to the Black Soulstone Cinematic closely Azmodan The Lord Of Sin says the following:

You thought you were so clever, that you would outwit us all. One by one our brethren fell into your trap, but not me. I defy you. I know the black soul stone is the key and it shall be mine. Soon my armies shall pour forth from the shattered mountain. Raving this world and all hope of resistance. My minions will find the stone.

Even though the Burning Hells are at war with the High Heavens I think they would still consider the other Prime Evils brethren. If he was not talking about Mephisto, Diablo, and Baal who was he talking about?

The other Prime Evil we have not heard much about was Belial The Lord of Lies. Who else would think they were so clever? One of the Angels?

As well the picture of the "Female Diablo" is kind of described as Belial the 2 mouths on the sides of his face. Maybe the picture of the art everyone thinks is Diablo is just a more formed Belial?

Cant wait to play the game and find out!!!!!!!!!!
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it is entirely possible that diablo is seeking to overthrow all of them. Diablo was also directly responsible for reviving pretty much all of them, which could have actually been a trap by him to achieve a higher objective, namely the black soul stone.

I believe when Azmodan is referring to "our brethren" hes referring to every lesser and prime evil except diablo.

I believe the reason Diablo betrayed his brethren was to obtain the black soul stone.

If he was talking to an angel he would have said, "My brethren" not "our". Meaning hes more than likely talking to another prime or lesser evil. Frankly i believe hes talking to diablo. Even though Leah did not see Diablo in her vision talking to Azmodan, it still makes sense because he currently doesnt have a body from his defeat in Diablo II, and now exists as a spirit. Diablo will obviously find a way to get another body.

As well the picture of the "Female Diablo" is kind of described as Belial the 2 mouths on the sides of his face. Maybe the picture of the art everyone thinks is Diablo is just a more formed Belial?

That picture is not Belial. From Blizzcon 2011 we know more what he looks like. And its nothing like the picture of the more slender version of Diablo.
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During the cinematic I was busy checking out Leah's partial midriff, and and missed a whole lot of important stuff. I hope she isn't diablo.
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If I'd have to bet on someone being Diablo / possessed by Diablo it's Leah 100%. According to the wiki, she is the child of adria and the D1 hero (who shoved the soulstone into his head). It could be possible some of what was in the soulstone was sent to Leah's body.

Thus, seeing Azmodan as a dream from Diablo's perspective.
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You forgot ALLLLL about adria, it is not confirmed shes dead or alive, pure or corrupted. She is said to be a witch, how do we not know shes one of those cult leaders or something.

Also why would diablo be hiding the black SS? wouldnt he have just used it in the first place. What if his vision is of cains, the last of the horadrim.

Ok, so Adria could be a part of this whole thing and probably is. To what extent / what side she is helping is up in the air at this point.

Diablo could be hiding the black SS because he needs to get rid of Azmodan first, my likely to gain all of the Prime/Lesser Evils powers and be the supreme Prime Evil. And as for the vision being from Cain's perspective I highly doubt that. Why would Azmodan be speaking to Cain and say "our brethren", from that perspective it basically implies he is speaking to another Prime/Lesser Evil.
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