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How will MF work in groups?

01/03/2012 01:57 AMPosted by iBainesy
WTF!!! I was in a totally different thread before... ignore above post.

I cracked up. I'm still laughing.
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they could put a contribution requirement on bosses so if you only do 5% of the dmg you dont get any loot. It would mess up the all MF run and hide strategy
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02/03/2012 01:59 PMPosted by D3BETA
they could put a contribution requirement on bosses so if you only do 5% of the dmg you dont get any loot. It would mess up the all MF run and hide strategy

reward features will always have exploits...

rather than Devs try to create fair regulation to solve all issues (improbable) the fact that you have a friends list, and can game with 3 other friends, or solo solves this.

regulating loot fairness vs contribution is a non issue
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One thing I've wondered about was opening chests and such. Seems like if I open it myself, with high MF, I'm getting a magic item most of the time. However, if someone else opens it up and they have hardly any MF, I don't get the blues as often.
Maybe it's just coincidence, but in a game, we tested the theory, and 80% of the time when I opened the chest or weapon/armor rack, we all got blues, but every time the guy with almost no MF opened, we just got whites.
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good to know
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Maybe they could rubber-band the MF stat so no one in the group has less than half the MF of the player with the most MF. For example, if someone has 400 MF, everyone with less than 200 MF gets bumped up to 200 MF.

That way everyone gets a bonus when a decked out MF player joins the group. It might make people feel like they're forced to have exactly one player stacked with MF in their group though.
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I'd rather it not have anything to do with a group nor who clicks the chest (if that even has effect). I'm more of a solo player though, but I imagine running wild in Inferno with full MF gear might be a tough run
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I know it's only the beta and it's only the first 1/3 of the first act of 4 acts of 4 difficulties but I don't think there will be much of a problem with mf/damage ratio. Look at some of the affixes you can get now. My barb has 82% mf, which I don't know what the median is; I haven't seen anyone with over 100% yet, and he still rocks 76.24 dps and kills things easily. I can only hope that mf gear or decent gear to fit your higher level needs will have just as decent affixes to compliment mf.
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The best way to do it is individual MF rather than groups. I used to hate doing Baal runs with a group of people (1100mf) and having some idiot swoop in at the last minute and steal some uber item that dropped. Why should my drops be nerfed just because the people I'm playing with don't have any MF? Or better yet, why should my MF help someone else?

There is a certain assumption that high MF gear sucks - D2 it was easy to build a solo character with high mf - my sorc could do solo baal runs which I started doing after some jerk stole my windforce drop.
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I kinda liked the suggestion to average the MF out across the players.

I believe if that is such a serious problem, as someone else pointed out "leave my MF alone, its none of your business" (or something like that) - the solution is quite elegant and simple...

"Leave my party then, gbye!"
Let the MF stackers play together and friend each other, and me and my friends will do things our way - together.

Either way, I don't care all that much.
MF will end up on my gear in some quantities regardless of what direction I want to go. The system is so completely random to generate stats that I would go batcrap insane if I were to flatout deny every piece that has MF on it.
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I don't think its been confirmed or denied yet, however if it is split among the group, that's just more reason for me to play solo, which would go against the goal of a co-op game.

How i think MF should work? You apply yours for each and every item that drops for you, and i apply mine for each and every item that drops for me.

If you split one stat, i think they should all be split. Oh wait, grouping just ruined your precision/attack/defense/whatever build by forcing you to split it among everyone!? Awwww. Too bad! Now leave my MF alone.

Just because someone has good gear, it doesn't make them a good player, and likewise, just because someone has MF gear, doesn't make them a bad player. The more important issue is how people are playing their characters, and contributing to the group. If i have 10,000 MF and am killing stuff, and Bob101 has 0 MF and dies every 30 seconds.... who would you rather group with?

That's a dumb question...a better one would be if you have 10,000 MF and don't do anything and Bob101 has none and does all the work for you, who do you want to group with? I certainly don't want the guy with all the MF in my group not doing anything and then running off with all his awesome drops that I did all the work for.
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Mf will probably just be player specific. If I have 50 and my friend has 50, we both have 50. The loot that would have dropped for me is increased 50% chance and same for him). I guess you could call that 100% between you two, but eh.
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As mentioned, in a "your loot is your own situation", the mechanics for your drops will depend on your character.

If the equations actually accounted for people with higher MF in the group, then that would lead to exploiting and all sorts of crap. Not wanted here.
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