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Post-normal ladder assist build

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So i came up with a post-normal difficulty build that i will surely use in ladders in order to kind of ''support'' my allies. Even though i am still doing damage, the priority is not damage dealing but helping/supporting others.

So here is the build:

I'll explain a bit the utility of each abilities combined with the chosen rune. I'm basing myself on the rank 4 runestone. As for what rank they'll be when you enter nightmare/hell/inferno, that i don't know. That's why im basin myself on the rank 4 given in the calculator.

First of all, the 2 spirit generators.

Crippling Wave is used to reduce damage done by affected mobs. If needed the third punch slot can be Crippling Wave if there is the need to fall back. Otherwise, the third will always be Deadly Reach.

If Deadly Reach is the third punch, it willl have a greater area of effect. In addition, the glyph will give you an extra bonus to armor.

The 3 Spirit Spenders:

Dashing Strike is simply to be the first to run into mobs since with the glyph you get an additional 21% to dodge. It can also used to run away if it get risky.

Breath of Heaven is used both to generate more spirits and heal at the same time. With the Golden Runestone you get an additional 1 spirit for each spirit regenerator strike.

With Inner Sanctum you can be sure melee ennemies will not come at your allies who stand inside the zone.


Mantra of Evasion is to give everyone a boost to dodge and armor. The 3 sec buff is also useful when engaging mobs.

Passive abilities:

Guiding Light for increased damage to you and whoever you heal.
Transcendance for additional heal when using spirit spenders such has Inner Sanctum and Breath of Heaven.
One with everything to make life easier versus monsters with magics.

Here is the general order/priority given to each of them:

Start off to get the 3 sec buff from Mantra of Evasion, followed by Dashing Strike for the additional dodge at the same time as entering the melee field.

First of all, drop the Inner Sanctum field followed with a Breath of Heaven for both the heal and the spirit generators boost. If an ally is healed at the same time, you'll both get the incresing damage buff.

All of this should have cost 120 spirit (15+80+25). I couldn't find anywhere what's the maximum spirit energy. I've seen somewhere someone said it was 150, not sure.

Comes after the regeneration of the spirit. It will normally comes like this :
x2 Cripple wave
x1 Deadly reach

This set would restore 21 spirit energy (7x3). So you'll need to repeat it 5 time in order to get 105 energy so you can cast Breath of Heaven (25) and Inner Sanctum (80).

In order to keep the rune buff from Breath of Heaven up, you'll need to be using faster weapons (daggers or fist weapons) over 2 handers like staves.
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There is no such thing as ladder anymore. Blizzard has said that they didn't like the ladder mechanism and will avoid using it in D3. They will find other ways to combat mudflation.
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Epic trolling. +1 for you. It is my bad, I used ladder when i meant battle.net
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