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I just had this thought and feel free to mull it over and/or argue it.

But this is another counter-argument to the evil Tyrael; not really I guess. Let me explain:

Wouldn't it be very very risky for the forces of Hell to allow Nephalem to increase in power? If majority of nephalem don't line up with Hell, they will have a worse fight on their hands. Granted we see weak willed humans able to fall to Hell's powers, but I still think it is risky.

Also, has this been talked about? I pulled it from wiki (so a pretend source):

The Pandemonium Fortress is the structure residing over The Worldstone has been held by both sides during The Eternal Conflict which so its architecture is "Shaped by Both of Their Cultures"

Thought Mount Arreat was the fortress guarding the stone... Retconned?
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Actually the Pandemonium fortress is where the WS were BEFORE Inarius and Lilith got to it and took it to create Sanctuary.
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It is risky, it's risky for both sides but the burning hells and high heavens were in stalemate and this seemed like the tipping point for either side.

I'd say the risk is working against the high heavens though, look at how often the burning hells have taken extremely powerful humans and turned them into hellpawns. All the heroes from diablo 1, the entire high council of the zakarum and therefore a ridiculous amount of their followers, Bartuc got turned, Horazon had to build his own dimension just to escape his fate (and then probably didn't at that). Lazarus turned on a dime, Leoric resisted... and then turned. The most powerful of the horadrim... became a meat suit that enabled the destruction of the worldstone.
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