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Possible solution for HARDCORE disconnections

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I'm very concerned (as many others) about hardcore disconnection deaths, talk about frustration! This is a problem that will arise because of online play only, but I will not say that allowing offline play is the solution to this.
However, I've had an idea that involves offline play when you disconnect. Let's say that when the connection is lost instead of showing you a CONNECTION LOST (Countdown to your death: 60 seconds! Have fun waiting!) box in the screen, the game just goes on offline just like Starcraft 2 campaign, but you will be notified that the connection was lost and a big counter will appear, giving you 60 secs (Arbitrary time here) to flee and run to town (Or safety) if you are in danger.
During this time you are not allowed to pick up items, gain experience, complete quests, talk to npc's, change your stats, skills and inventory. When the connection is reestablished the only things that the server will take into account will be life, mana, and location.
Note that this discourages cheating since there's no way to progress in the game while you are disconnected (No XP, no quests, no Items, etc.), and will most likely solve the problem.
Say what you think of this, and/or other possible solutions!
See you in Sanctuary!
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The system you described still allows players to cheat the system to avoid death - people will just pull the power on their modem/router to fool the D3 servers. If there is no way to determine who legitimately disconnected, then I don't see it as a good solution. I think the way it is now is that your character will still be logged into the game for 10 seconds or longer if you disconnect, so you need to design your character with plenty of health and passive attributes (armor, dodge, resistances, defense, pets) to help avoid death during those moments.
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The system you described still allows players to cheat the system to avoid death...

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11/19/2011 08:38 AMPosted by CallMeSire
Here is a solution: build a decent computer and get a quality internet connection if you want to play hardcore.<br /><br />If you still die due to some freak disconnect/lag, get over it.<br /><br />There's no crying in hardcore.

Ive lost many hardcore D2 characters because of server lag before. Back then if we even thought the game was lagging for 1 second and we were near a monster we would alt f4 as fast as possible. I dont think that this is going to work anymore, so may the force be with us.
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The system you described could easily be exploited by hackers to teleport anywhere in sanctuary and restore life and ressource instantly...
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