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Will anyone else get annoyed if MW3 beats D3

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Aren't there going to be 2 more Starcraft II releases? I can't imagine there will be any significant change, but people will buy it.

There is a definite distinction. Heart of the Swarm and Legacy of the Void are not independent games in themselves, they are expansion packs, to a game which establishes the precedent for the engine, graphics, majority of unit design as well as gameplay and various other aesthetics. I.E. expansion packs tend to look exactly like the games they build on...

The argument I was making was that I'm sure people would be pretty pissed if SC3 (if there ever is one) looks exactly like SC2, with only minor differences in unit types, and hero abilities and menu design, which is exactly the case with MW2 and MW3. HotS is an xpac building upon existing content, MW3 is a standalone game that had capital, time and resources dedicated to it as such, and yet the differences between it and its predecessor are few and far between.
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Diablo 3 cannot outdo Modern Warfare 3 in first day sales. It's unpossible. Modern Warfare 3 has a WAY broader appeal and is multiplatform. D3 is niche, relative to MW3, it doesn't have the annual following, and it's only available on the PC.
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Indeed. But when I think

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WAY broader appeal

I think of 11 year old kids, yelling semi-distorted, staticky insults and slurs in a high-pitched voice over Xbox live for perceived grievances. No thanks.
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@OP: Does it actually matter in the first place? Who cares if they do or don't, as long as you can just enjoy the game!
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# of sheep you get to buy a game means nothing to me.

Quality of said game means EVERYTHING!
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