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PvP spec vs Ranged/Casters

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Here's my take on a PvP spec designed specifically against ranged/casters. Critique always welcome.


Ability Breakdown:
-Crippling Wave (Alabaster): 20% increased damage taken debuff should have close to 100% up time. Third strike slows the enemy which helps prevent kiting.
-Dashing Strike (Indigo): Gap closer with a short sprint in case they teleport/vault right after you reach them. You should be able to get a third Crippling Wave off before they get away again.
-Seven Sided Strike (Crimson): Big burst damage. This is your main spirit spender, but don't hinder yourself with getting caught at range with 0 spirit. You'll need to reserve some spirit for Dashing Strike and BoH.
-Breath of Heaven (Indigo): Big heal to be used when needed. Helps you outlast your opponent and synergizes well with Mantra of Retribution.
-Serenity (Crimson): Here's your oh **** button. From what I've heard, level 60s have around 10k health so this is almost like a mini pally bubble + lay on hands on a 60 second cooldown.
-Mantra of Retribution (Crimson): If this is as good as it sounds, I think it'll be nerfed. 84% of all damage taken is reflected. That means with even marginal heals you don't even need to attack your opponent very much as he'll kill himself. Good for when getting kited. Time the reapplication of this mantra right to reflect the most damage.

-Transcendence: Very nice passive heals every time you use spirit.
-Chant of Resonance: Duration increase is bleh. This is really used to increase your spirit regeneration as you'll be at range half the time and unable to generate spirit.
-Near Death Experience: Get out of jail free card. It goes without saying that when this procs you should probably use a BoH or Serenity to get back in the game.

Key Takeaway:
-With Mantra of Retribution the fight becomes less about sticking to your enemy and more about having enough spirit generation to keep yourself alive while they kill themselves. Notice there are no damage reduction abilities or passives. This is to allow the maximum amount of damage to hit me in order to reflect the most to the enemy. Counter the large hits with self-heals.

As always, I'd like to hear your thoughts on the build along with any suggestions to improve it.
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I see a problem with your build. Clearly MoR is designed for melee attackes and ranged attacks. I don't think it includs spells (WD/Wizard).

Also, I think people overestimate NDE (Near Death Experience). People will get used to Monks having it and in the end they will fight has if u had an additional 35% life to what you already have.

I would prefer to use MoE (Mantra of Evasion) with Alabaster rune for the reduced incoming damage by 80%.

With this runed MoE you will not need to waste your SpGs (spirit generators) on reduce damage runes.

Also versus a ranged class, i would use Hand of Ytar(LTK:Obsidian) over SSS. It is a ''range spell'' thats slows for 4 secs and has 3 sec cd, doesnt cost much comparated to SSS plus it deals a good 212% weapon damage. Thus, i would not need crippling wave for the slow effect. Also, using golden dashing strike for less spirit cost.

If possible in end game gear to have enough spirit regen so Tempest rush does not consume any spirit at all (Inna's justice gives you a good 17 spirit per sec), i would go for it with an obsidian rune. If not in end game gear yet, i would go for golden blinding flash for a long duration of blind when you dearly need to escape and you dont have serenity as a back up. I would replace breath of Heaven with one of those 2.

As for passives, resolve for the reduced damage on target, pacifism for anti fear, stun, charm. And Transcendance for the little heals it would had.
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Ouch, come to think of it you might be right about MoR not reflecting spell damage...It would probably say "reflects all damage" if that were the case. Quite an oversight on my part.

Also, does Mantra of Evasion dodge spells too? I didn't know spells could be dodged in this game.

Good call on LTK (Obsidian). I was unsure about the range of that snare so I went with the safer bet (Crippling Wave). I guess with Dashing Strike the range of it isn't really an issue. Also since you have no big spirit spenders you should always have enough spirit for Dashing Strike + LTK.

Do you think WotHF (Obsidian) will be easy to keep up? I would imagine ontop of relying on crits to refresh the stack that getting kited and having to waste a few seconds getting back into melee range would make it near impossible.
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I don't know and i don't think so either. I didn't paid attention to the base effect (xD) and was more concerned about the rune effect which I don't find as appealing as before. Maybe a MoH:Alabaster for resist or Obsidian for increased vitality but the wisiest choice would be MoC:Alabaster so you can switch Resolve with something else, either NDE (Near Death Experience) or OwE (One with Everything).
As for gaps closer, yes crippling wave is a safer bet but on a 1vs1 it doesnt do enough damage versus WotHF.
I guessed WotHF would be my only SpG so the buff would be active most of the fight. Now that you mention it, it doesnt mean it will crit enough. Might have to go for indigo or crimson for increased damage.

Also, if i take blinding flash i would go for a crimson rune for additional holy damage. If you want to run the Tempest Rush, it seems you really need Inna's Justice otherwise you will need to juggle with it (activate/desactivate) so you dont spend your spirit. I've heard spirit generation is what is hard for pvp monks since most people will be avoiding/ccing/etc.
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