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I'M Going Crazy.

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@Shinobi but Dark Souls is designed for masochists.
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I've been playing D3 to some extent since September. One day, it was down. I didn't know what to do with myself. I don't know how the OP is surviving.
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I feel you also watching force amoung other things.

I'm not playing games anymore just refreshing the boards every 5 seconds hoping for some interesting bit of news, maybe i've seen all there is to see except a release date.
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Satistified by my day, Lions vs Panthers at home win maybe playoffs this year oooooooooo.

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SWTOR live streams keep me sane until the 20th of December when it launches

then i will be playing that until d3 launches.

D3 = my dungeon crawler hack and slash and extra $$$$ maker.

thats my gaming life for the next couple of years :)
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11/20/2011 01:32 PMPosted by Grachuss
I'm going insane. No beta-key. Nothing.<br /><br />Just watching Force over and over again...<br /> <br />Save me...<br />

pretty pathetic, really...
go out and do something...
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11/20/2011 03:53 PMPosted by Rafeeq
You know, Diablo 3 Beta is very short. Once you play it, you'll play it again, and again, and again. In fact, you'll play it so many times that you won't even be entertained anymore. Why ? Because this is the very meaning of a beta testing : you search for bugs, unbalances, glitches, crashes and so on.<br /><br />Trust me, you don't miss anything much. It's like a demo.

Then give your key to me. I will be more than happy to search for bugs and glitches endlessly
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just play skyrim. its amazing. till D3 come out.
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11/20/2011 01:32 PMPosted by Grachuss
I'm going insane. No beta-key. Nothing.<br /><br />Just watching Force over and over again...<br /> <br />Save me...<br />

Get a job

Go outside

Play other games

You people who let a game run your life are hopeless
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Go play Skyrim or Saints Row 3.
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Skyrim is my drug. Time to go take a hit right now..
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I have Skyrim, and will be playing SWtOR Beta this weekend.
Totally pumped for tOR.

Star Wars universe is ultimately better than warcraft universe, imo.

Also, Skyrim's pretty amazing. If you like D3, I'm sure you'll enjoy Skyrim.
Already have a Lvl 30 Orc with full Daedric. Grinding my smithing level payed off tremendously.
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Dark Souls is where its at dude. Your missing out on a great game, I am 75 hours in and there is so much to explore still in Dark Souls. Then you have Skyrim too which I havent even started yet. BF3 multi, MW3 spec ops with survival.. Uncharted 3 cmon man D3 will be awesome but your going over board.
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Skyrim....... After watching all those youtube videos Lets Play. I had no interest with that game.
Guess the hype of this game didn't effected me at all.
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I thought I literally was going to die because this game is taking so long to come out but skyrim has luckily saved me you should try the same!
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