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Insider Trading in Diablo 3?

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Tarp- perfect post

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I ALMOST forgot to add!

There is no restriction on "insider" buying company stock in the "real world." The invisible hand will adjust prices accordingly to supply & demand.

Are you even FINRA registered? Have you taken your Series exams? You should know laws do NOT restrict internal employees from buying/selling shares, only the affiliated defined as 10% or more shareholders.

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What you speak of is not insider trading.<br /><br />If a developer manipulates an item to drop for him this is an entirely different crime altogether.
<br /><br />And how would we even know ?

It is called internal policy, monitoring and control.

I don't think ANY of you worked in a corporate setting. Trying doing funny things on a corporate computer, IT and Security will escort you out of the building before you can blink an eye let alone rewriting codes.
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I hope you are not Jman on WSO.
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This is a hilarious thread.

Why don't we just apply all real-finance and real-world related to a damn GAME? Hm, how about I start trading currencies and use triangular-arbitrage?

Why don't we start to create some derivative point-system and hedge against future price movements in ANOTHER game's currency?

I work in high finance. You're a FA? good for you. Be a good one and you can make $500k-$1mm/yr. How about you stop worrying about the few hundreds of dollars that that someone may "POTENTIALLY" make?

Buffing a rune is NOT the equivalent of J&J coming out with a miracle drug. It isn't the same as breaking the "Chinese wall barrier" in the IBD. You're in finance, and you speak as if this is high-frequency trading or merger arbitrage, or some M&A event driven hedge fund.

Diablo inspired "market-maker?" What's your P&L? Track record? Lots of people on this forum pretend to know about financial markets and that is stunningly comical

Go back to cold-calling.

I like you.

You don't even need a background in finance, or markets in general to understand that a few people aren't going to be able to effectively influence the entire market, ran by and dictated by millions of others. Oh no, 5 people might jack the price of Crimson Runes up a couple bucks for a day or two while everyone else catches up. Alert the presses.

11/22/2011 12:50 PMPosted by Jman
Say for example Blizzard decides to buff some piece of raw material. A Mod from China is given advance notice of the patch changes and he lets his farmer friend in on the inside information. He then buys up all the raw material in advance then nets a tidy profit when the patch notes get released to the public. Earning a couple hundred dollars where the cost of living is no where near New York can be life changing.

The cute thing, is you think that Blizzard doesn't announce such changes prior to the game going live. If they were buffing/nerfing an item to such a degree that would plummet, or drive the market in a certain way... they'll inform the community. It's almost as if you think Blizzard is completely oblivious to the fact that we're dealing with real money here.

This is disregarding the fact that in the end it doesn't matter anyway. I'd only be concerned if there was actually an initial investment, which there isn't unless you think your time is worth something (it's not).
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11/22/2011 12:50 PMPosted by Jman
The pressure to cheat the system will be high make no mistake.

and the punishments when cought will be harsh..if the white house and other branches of government protected their inside information like bliz does .. you would never hear the term on the new .. an unnamed sourse in the white house.

quite certain bliz will have a watchdog policy on anyone who could benifit.. or even a not allowed to cash out policy ..
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OP has a good point. Truth be told, you will have to wait and see if anyone at Blizz will try to mess things up, but I don't think it will be happening anytime soon. Blizz has a pretty tight leash on employees.
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11/22/2011 03:39 PMPosted by Reefus
LOL<br /><br />This is just about the weakest fear for a game I've ever encountered. <br /><br />OMG NO insider trading! Will be the end of it all!<br /><br />Time to be not-so-much tryhardnerd and just play the game.

Really? There have plenty of threads brought up with way worse concerns than this one. It seems like all you do is troll each thread you post in.

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