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Open beta mid-Dec? Release January?

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11/19/2011 07:19 AMPosted by jjordanpope
Swtor is by far one of the worst games, ask anyone whose tried it <br />D3 will crush the "competition" if you can even call it that!

Untrue it tis a good game I've tried it.

Open beta not likely but from what Bash told us no just a limited beta.

Competition? Yes and I will try them all.
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The real threat to D3 right over the holiday season is SKYRIM... Though buggy... that game is just... amazing.
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11/19/2011 08:18 PMPosted by MissFortune
The real threat to D3 right over the holiday season is SKYRIM... Though buggy... that game is just... amazing.


Skyrim is out.....

Skyrim will have been out for about 3-4 months by the time Diablo 3 comes out. about 90% of the people who are going to get skyrim are going to have gotten it by then so no it won't affect the sales of D3
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I actually hoped Skyrim would have been more fantabulous than it came out to be. It just doesn't "feel" right, ya know? I dunno.
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11/19/2011 07:14 AMPosted by Dan
Blizz has two games to worry about for D3 competition. SWTOR and GW2.<br /><br />If D3 open beta came out right before SWTOR dropped and it was more fun than SWTOR many people would pass on SWTOR. I think Blizz is keeping beta numbers low because they don't want to steal the WoW 4.3 thunder.<br /><br />Now if Blizz waits too long to release D3 they will run into the second issue, GW2. If somehow GW2 is more fun than D3 AND has open beta weekends before D3 releases then D3 will be in a ton of trouble.<br /><br />As for announcement of release date. Either this week to increase Black Friday pre-orders/marketing (unlikely) or around mid-december right after WoW 4.3 drops but before open beta/SWTOR.<br /><br />Blizz does not care which game you play from them. They are using WoW + D3 to crush SWTOR (smart move). Chances are one of those games will appeal to you and keep you a Blizz customer.

Just like WOW had to worry about Guild Wars, Age of Conan and Rift...#SMH Blizzard sets the bar for online gaming everyone else needs to worry./thread.
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Nothing to add, but I would kill for an open beta. I require monster slaying to ease my thoughts.
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11/19/2011 08:29 AMPosted by CallMeSire
I wouldn't worry about SWTOR taking players from D3. Those star wars games have all been awful.
the same applies to the GW franchise.
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