Diablo® III

Which stays entertaining longer?

PvE or PvP?

We all know what limited things we can expect from AI or scripts that are designed to be defeated in PVE, so even if it is challenging it is too predictable.

PvP is infinitely stronger in this area for various reasons.
#1 Surely everyone has noticed how popular trolling is and since we can expect PvE to be designed well and have little griefing options PvP is where the emotional assaults will reign. Lets face it, proving superiority or simply messing with others is priceless.
# 2 Nobody plays perfect and the mistakes make things more entertaining
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90 Orc Death Knight
Is this a joke? Pretty obvious.. PvE.

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That's my opinion and I'm not saying that PvE is bad but it'll get boring long before pvp
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not a joke since so many people seem to prefer PvE'ing and devs focus on PvE more too.

But i guess these same people, who make up the bulk, also tend to lack the courage and or skills to challenge others and won't PvP much if at all. :(
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13 Blood Elf Rogue
PVE with a little PVP on the side.
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85 Orc Warrior
More ppl play Diablo for the pve as it is a pve game. Pvp in diablo is just there for fun. So you will find more ppl are entertained by pve longer in Diablo.
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PvP, but mixed with PvE.

There's the intense gear hunting and then... there's PvPing!
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90 Troll Mage
I have no interest in PvP. It's just not something that has been interesting for me in anything but first person shooters. So PvE stays entertaining longer.
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90 Gnome Rogue

If PvP is so good then where are all the PvP only action RPG games and why aren't you out playing them?
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Both? I think I would've gotten bored of l4d long ago if it was just the intensity of the vs. or just the mechanical teamwork of the campaign. I do both and I look forward to every time I play it with my friends.
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Depends on your play style, preference, and mind set.

Personally, I've almost always preferred PvE with some PvP on the side. It depends on how balanced PvP is, and how well developed the PvE is.

For D3, I'll definitely be focusing on PvE more than PvP as well.
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I'd normally choose PvP, but it's different for Diablo, because it's the trading and hording wealth is what really kept Diablo 2 going for me. So for this one I'm gonna have to go with PvE.
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11/19/2011 07:34 PMPosted by Roadblock
More ppl play Diablo for the pve as it is a pve game. Pvp in diablo is just there for fun. So you will find more ppl are entertained by pve longer in Diablo.
PvP is what kept diablo 2 going for so long.
Edited by Deity on 11/19/2011 8:04 PM PST
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PvE requires constant content updates in order to remain entertaining. How many times are you willing to re-run the same dungeon? Every boss mechanic remains the same, even with some RNG there's really no challenge after you beat it the first time and understand how it was done.

PvP requires constant balancing, such as in SC2, in order to remain fun and fair. However, each individual match provides a new challenge.

I've always been a PvP player. PvE is too easy, even the most 'challenging' raids were only a challenge because a few derpps'ers in the group are too shallow to not stand in the fire. It's all routine which I get enough of at work tyvm.
Edited by MissFortune on 11/19/2011 8:15 PM PST
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For this game, PvE by far.

Bring your WoW-headed PvE vs PvP arguments in here as much as you want, but the reality is this: You want a real PvP game, go play Starcraft or Street Fighter/Marvel.
Edited by Lunchador on 11/19/2011 8:41 PM PST
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85 Draenei Priest
Speak for yourselves, I kept coming back for the PvE in diablo.
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85 Draenei Paladin
a game where both pvp and pve are really fun to play ..
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It varies from person to person but overall, PvE tends to be far more popular in ARPG and the most successful MMOs out there.

You need to look no farther than WoW and D2 as examples. WoW is the most popular active subscription game in the MMO world thanks to its strong PvE content, and D2 was played by many for a long time with only a small fraction participating regularly in PvP (# of Baal run games v. # of duel/PvP games, for example).
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