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Mac or PC?? pros and cons

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im intrested in buying a mac but ive always been a PC user.
I mainly want a mac for the programs, virus protection, and music. I will want to play future games but im concerned that a mac will not give me what i want in that catagorey. Any ideas on what i should do with my money this weekend when wanting to buy a desktop.

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This thread is not going to end well.
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Buy a PC with virus protection, and you can still get mac programs on a PC, but they may not run as well. If you're a PC user, then I suggest you stick with PC.
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Don't buy a mac if you're a gamer. I made the mistake 3 years ago when I bought a Macbook Pro. I could run Crysis on it but it heats up so quickly.

PC is the way to go. There is already a thread about this by the way.
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This has to be a troll. Car analogy: I'm interested in a fast car instead of my fast motorcycle. I mainly want a Bugatti Veyron for the steering wheel, safety rating, and dashboard accessories. But I'm concerned I won't be able to do wheelies anymore. What should I do?

Inevitable response, translated to car analogy: You could always rip the back bumper off and load weight around the rear axel so that when you floor it you still do wheelies. Sort of. I mean, if you can maintain traction with the road. Usually you can, as long as you have the right tires and road conditions permit it. You might need to be on a slight incline, but I've had it work at least a couple times.

General community sentiment, in car analogy form: Of course you could do that, but why go through the effort? I mean steering wheels look stupid compared to handlebars anyway. Plus, there's not many Veyron owners which is why we don't hear often about how horribly they crash. And, your phone does everything a good dashboard system does these days, so why even worry about that? Seems like making a new car work for you is harder to do than just continuing to ride motorcycles, plus you're a retard if you modify a car to do wheelies when your motorcycle does them just fine.

End result of the thread, presented using a car analogy: blood on the streets.

Wait, that last one is true even without analogies.
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Blizzard games run correctly on mac. And if you want to play PC only games, use an emulator or bootcamp. So don't feel like you've chosen the wrong computer if you buy a mac :P
But I must admit that if the main purpose of your computer is gaming, go for windows.
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The cost is the main disparity. for 1000$ you could put together a hella more powerful PC than a mac at the same cost. If you're worried about viruses, don't surf p.r-0n websites, and don't spam mp3 downloads.
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I'm a college student and work part time at a game development studio. I have a macbook air i7 and a custom desktop. For most day-to-day things, email, web, scripting, I'll use my macbook and it's also what I take to school. However, when it comes to gaming, programming anything "intensive", etc. I'll use my PC. My macbook air can play games, but the best looking one it can do is Trine, it doesn't waste through the battery, but will get hot within moments.
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11/23/2011 12:21 PMPosted by DrooL
I mainly want a mac for the programs, virus protection, and music

Virus protection is easy as long as you are not an idiot. All I run is MSE and my computer is fine. Macs are not impervious to viruses. Stay with Windows, dont go to the dark side.
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Mac or PC for gaming = joke thread.
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If you honestly want a mac, then go with an iMac, don't go with the laptop, they heat up way too fast when gaming, like a few up above said. I've got a late '08 mbp and the latest iMac 21.5". The iMac ran sc2 flawlessly with ultra settings. My lappy won't run it properly on low. Although, if you prefer to get something mobile, then install bootcamp+windows. Windows tends utilize the hardware of a mac better, especially while gaming. You best have a kick@%$ cooling pad though.
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This topic??? Really????? HOW'S THIS EVEN RELATED to Diablo 3 when YOU DON'T EVEN MENTION the game in the OP!?!?
This seems just like a "I want to start a thread with lots and lots of posts" kinda thing.
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Wrong forum for sure, not even going to get unbiased answers in here. Also mac's don't come with built-in virus protection in the traditional sense, that's something extra you'll have to pay for just like a pc, osx just comes with better design structure (than windows) that makes it more resistant to getting infected by viruses(but you can still get them just as easily) similar to linux because they're both based in unix, some would say linux offers better protection though because it's more open and gets updated more frequently (depending on distribution).
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i had a thread like this a week ago, youre going to see a lot of people aruging over whats better lol

the most objective posts i saw just pointed out that the specs on a mac and windows pc can be indentical (they use the same hardware). yes youre going to pay more for a mac but it is going to last longer. macs cant run a lot of video games, unless you get windows for mac.

so since you can get a pc for cheaper, and are obviously only caring about gaming, build a pc

^ 7 pages of discussion for you

ps- pc means personal computer, macs ARE pcs. yes everyone understands what you mean when you say mac vs pc... but its kinda like saying granny smith vs apples
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