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Say "Irish wristwatch" 5 times fast

Hey, so I have an inquiry about the quests after the Beta will be over.

Actually, this is more of a question about the waypoints. When I finished killing the skeleton king the first time, I got into farm mode. So, naturally, I left the game and created a new one (I selected to do the skeleton king quest) with the intention of being able to port right back to the Royal Catacombs, but I could only port to the cathedral gardens.

Essentially, it isn't like diablo 2. If I wanted to do Meph runs, I could port to the Durance of Hate level 2. Diablo 3 seems to follow a different concept. Will the quests/waypoints be like this after the game releases? If so, it must be Blizzard's way of slowing the farm. I think slowing the farm is great, because it makes the loot more awarding.
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Doing boss runs doesn't really give you better loot like bosses did in D2 either. They give you more loot, but the quality is just as random as regular monsters (after the first kill)

It's the random monsters that are going to give the good loot. The ones you won't get every game. The ones that won't give you the same type of threat every game. You know how people feared lightning enchanted monsters in D2, but they didn't fear Meph, Diablo, or Baal? Yeah. Like that. Reward what's actually hard - and fun because it's not the same thing every time.

Iris wish wash.
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I appreciate your honesty regarding your fail to say Irish Wristwatch. Not to fear, I found myself saying the same thing. I didn't really question the whole "loot" ordeal, I'm pretty much asking why the waypoints aren't saving. Why can't I just "join a game" why must I "select a quest"? Is this blizzards new method of battle.net?
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It's actually so you can replay quests as they were designed.

In Diablo II you got quests once and got the rewards once. Unless something was specifically added to the actual end of the quest for a reward (Like the countess dropping runes) there was no "quest" mechanics to it. You just had access to the world and killed what you wanted.

Now, you have either choices really. You can redo quests and get partial rewards (usually gold and experience from repeatable quests every game and items for random quests like jar of souls or the ghostly woman) Or you can create a last quest game and do whatever you want without the reward. But if you kept waypoints in when you redo quests, that could get abusive, so imagine that's why they did away with that. Until recently in the beta, quests gave percentage of a level experience, but now they are based off what a number of monsters you kill would give you.

Oh, and I'm terrible at tongue twisters. I have no shame in admitting that. Try the japanese ones, they're way more killer, especially because long vowels, short vowels, doubled up consonants and single consonants (at least when romanized into letters) actually sound different and mean different things, so it's even easier to mess it up.
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