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Thou shall not post! (limited posting access error)


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If you get the following error:

“This account has limited posting access due to the following condition: This game license has expired or been frozen. Forums that you have permission to post in are marked as [Limited] on the forum list.”

The easy way to bypass this if you have a D3 Beta license is to click on the Character Portrait on the top right side of the screen; from there click on the drop down arrow next to the Characters name. At the bottom of the drop down menu you will see Manage Characters, select this and choose D3BETA.

Once you select D3BETA, you will have the choice to create a new Nickname to post on the Diablo III forums. This Nickname is temporary for the duration for the beta. You MUST have a D3 Beta license to post.

If the name is taken on the D3 forums, it will advise you to choose a different Nickname. If you click Cancel on this screen, the default Nickname will be D3BETA until you change it.
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I received Beta Invitation this morning. Beta shows in my battle.net account management, but when I try to use the above options, all that show are my WoW characters, no D3BETA or anything similar.
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Didn't see it at the top of the characters list the first time, all is working now.
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D3BETA no longer appears in my list. It used to, but it does not now. Thus, I can not use your 'workaround'.

Exact error message =
This account has limited posting access due to the following condition:
A Diablo 3 game license is required.
Forums that you have permission to post in are marked as [Limited] on the forum list.

I have previously been able to post on the D3 Beta forums, and in my b.net account page it shows that my account is flagged for the diablo 3 beta and I also have the actual Diablo 3 game appearing in my b.net account already as well because I purchased a year of wow
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I also do not have a D3BETA in my dropdown.
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Having the same problem as above here. And I've been in the beta for a while now, though I don't believe I've tried posting until now.
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ya, me too, I have the access previously but now I simply can't post anything in the beta forum.
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Same here. I've been in Beta for about 2 months now and have never had issues before now. I still have the beta flagged for my account and can play the game, but have limited access to the forums for some reason.
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Same here, the D3beta tag is gone from my profile. I can log in and play the beta, but not post on the beta forums.
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D3BETA gone from mine as well. Was able to post yesterday.
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d3beta is also mising from my account now will not let me post in the beta forum pages anymore ...
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My D3BETA just disappeared. Was going to post about an issue and I noticed I couldn't anymore.
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D3BETA tag is gone from my character portrait as well. Having the same problem as above posters here.
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Same issue, D3B profile has disappeared. Been in beta since first couple of weeks after the F&F thing started.

[+6 hours edit] And now it works again. Thanks! :)
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I have the same issue as the above posters, I have a beta license, and D3BETA does not appear in my drop down menu. My SC2 profile and WoW characters are there, but no D3BETA.
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I have the D3BETA in my dropdown, however I can not post, even though it is selected and when I post in other forums it shows up with the Beta sign.

I can no longer sign into Beta either. Please help
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I cant post in beta section either and I got a beta key
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I can't post in the beta section and have had a beta key for a few months.
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worked for me thanx!
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