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Holy cow.. anyone else can't play SC2?

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i still remember when i finally managed to beat the very easy AI, i got to move up to easy, felt like such an accomplishment :P
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SP was good but I am very sad that we wont see anymore Terran missions till SC3.

Stay away from Multiplayer. There is a skill curve that takes months if not years to learn. This is not one of those games that is easy to learn, difficult to master. It is difficult to learn, and pretty much impossible to master.

no reason to stay away from multiplayer unless he wont be happy unless hes diamond+

theres nothing wrong with being a noob bronzie just having fun. you dont have to be super competitive.
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if you havent played RTS games youll be a big newb for years (literally)

then you might become mediocre

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I was in the same boat when I first started SC2 but it gets alot easier if you keep playing and watching replays. I am currently in diamond and started at the bottom of copper league.

Fun facts you may not know:

a + click = your units will move to that location and attack enemy it sees on the way
S = your units will stop

And as a rule just try to make sure to not get supply blocked and remember to keep making workers.

With that knowledge you should be able to get to silver at least!
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Want to be a better gamer?

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Just imagine the marines as diablo characters, you just have to select them, then they go where you want just like diablo
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This is actually really funny! SC2 multiplayer laddering is really not for the "casual gamer." The only reason I am remotely good at it is that i played SC:BW for 11 years. For someone with zero RTS experience, it will be really hard to learn. If you actually play it though, it makes you appreciate how good the pros are.

Edit: I just noticed that besides me, the highest rank in here was diamond? Most of the people didn't even have more than 50 league games. Do D3 players all hate SC2? I don't ladder anymore because I'm way too competitive and would get mad, and I was even in masters.
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I was always good at Command & Conquer... but I'm no good at Starcraft 2...

...though I do own it. I buy every Blizzard game.
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*Keep builds scvs.
*Hotkey barracks & command centers on different numbers.
*keep making depots to just keep ahead of supply,.

I have CC's as 5, and Barracks as 6

3-5 barracks per base. (4 is good

keep spending those resources on getting a big army, keep it simple early on. Just work on getting a big army asap.

Forget about micro at first (sending marines to different places), I'd save that for later.

edit: hit 6 for your 8 barracks and hit aaaaaaaaa
much easier than having to select manually, can do that in the middle of a battle without going back to base. 6 then aaaaa with the barracks rallied wherever you want em.

or learn the 7 roach 4.40 minutes build.
Not much skill required, and could be a morale booster if you haven't won a game in some time.
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12/07/2011 08:50 AMPosted by Scourge
The online multiplayer is unplayable IMO. Everyone rushes with scrub units. Nobody builds up anything unless I turtle and force them too.
I don't think you know what a scrub is, because that word perfectly describes you.
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wow I was under the impression that very easy ai was made for lolz...i guess it actually has a use
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I'm awful at RTS games too. Just waitin for D3 at this point lol
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Dude you can play Starcraft 2, you just need pointed in the right direction.

Try reddit.com/r/starcraft

Make a post telling them you really need help and are considering giving up on the game. There's all sorts of beginners videos and tips they can give you to get you started. Very friendly people for the most part as well. And they want people to get into Starcraft, so if you ask for help, someone will come to the rescue.
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I have a hard time with left and right as well
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Hahaha. OP, you sound like me. I missed out on Starcraft, and just bought SC2 during the sale, too. We are so, so late to the game! I love the argument with yourself, thank you for the laugh (Laughing WITH you, of course. I am in no position to laugh at anyone's SC skills.)

This last week's Starcraft 2 action has been full of my spouse begging me to move on in the campaign, and me beating my head against the wall, trying for some earlier campaign achievements. I am perhaps slightly stubborn...

I can't even tell you how many times I've yelled, "No! You idiots! That's not what I told you units to do at all! Worthless [insert any beginner SC2 unit name here]." As if I am convinced they have minds of their own. But really, I know I am just a complete noob.
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