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Thank Goodness You've Returned...

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So, I was going through Diablo 1 again, and I noticed - when you talk to Odgen for the first time, the first thing he says in his little speech is, "Thank goodness you've returned!" ...I'm pretty well caught up on Diablo lore, but I can never really remember anything about the player ever being in Tristram before that. Was this a remnant of an aspect of the story line they cut out after the voice acting was completed? Or could it be an easter egg placed in 1996 that might be pertinent to Diablo 3? Or maybe I'm just ignorant, and there's a perfect explanation.

I looked it up, and some people suggested that the wanderer was originally supposed to be Leoric's son? Maybe he still is - maybe the Prince was his (or her) brother or something. He came back from a long journey to find his father dead and his brother possessed. It would make sense if the hero from Diablo 3 turns out to be the son of the wanderer and Adria - Diablo may have a tie with that bloodline from some pact that Leoric made - maybe the one that cursed him.

I don't know, probably not. But it'd be a fun twist.
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Interesting, good find seems to fit with d3. I guess blizz is able to see into the future.

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Well, ur suspicion of the Wanderer's relations with important Diablo have indeed been confirmed on the diablo3 wikia. Adria is Cains' sister. Leah is the child of the D1 hero and Adria. And, the D1 hero aka "Aiden" is the eldest son of Leoric. Thus, why it is widely speculated that Leah will be the new Diablo.
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Interesting and good find! I do hope it isn't a mistake in soundbytes 8(
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11/30/2011 10:50 AMPosted by Shoothain
he D1 hero aka "Aiden" is the eldest son of Leoric

That's interesting. Is there a source linked on the Wiki site that it's on? I'd be pretty cool if it was true, but even the Diablo wiki is pretty infamous for being messed with. And I've never heard the name "Aiden" come up anywhere.
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