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How long has everyone played blizzard games?

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I started with a shareware version of Warcraft I around mid '95.
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Since 96', I was 5 at the time. My brother installed a diablo demo and warcraft II on the comp.
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Lets see... It was my families first ever computer, and it even had a 36.6kbp modem. I would have been about 11 or 12. Got a Demo Disk (god they were beautiful) of games. One in particular spiked my attention. I had to play Diablo. Some other people had heard about it and said it was cool. I installed and played. It was good. Oh, it was good. Shareware Diablo.

Also, complete coincidence that I'm in the beta. Blame my loving the right games from the right ages if you want.
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Since i was 8 and im 22 wow blizz owns me.
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starcraft dream..those were the days
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rocknroll racing, only blizzard game I never played was blackthrone, I played lost vikings but not much. Rocknroll racing though was one of my fav games of course I played sc/diablo/wc. Wc3 Diablo2 and wow are probably the games Ive put the most hours into, in games of all time, not just blizzard games. I mean sad amounts of time, like 12-15hours a day on diablo2 lol.
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Since Rock'n'Roll racing, and I didn't even know silicon and synapse = Blizzard!

Same here. It was such a good game :D
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10 years old.. hello exactly half of my life.. til death do us part
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Been Playing steadily since WC1: Orcs and Humans, so I was around...10?

I remember the first time I played against my friend - ONLINE - I thought it was the coolest thing ever!!!

Played every game since then, and owned every game - except for SC2 actually......Kinda fell out of RTS games.
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WC2: Tides of Darkness. First computer game I ever got. I remember watching the intro so many times, it was better than movies

Edit: Yeah i just watched it, the narrator is so bad haha. But it was ahead of its time when it was released!

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Warcraft: Orcs and Humans was my first game, been playing since.
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