Let me preface this with saying that Diablo 3 has always been planned on being a 'Mature' Rated game. Thus we can conclude that it is aimed at mature audiences.

How stupid does Blizzard think the 17+ year-olds in this country are? Is it too difficult for people to understand what + damage on a tool-tip means? It never has been in the past.

Not posting the information about skills in-game will be more confusing to the players than if they were just left alone... One of the big arguments for the removal of stat points and skill points was so that you would stay in the game and not have to be looking up (optimal) builds on the internet. But now Blizzard is forcing you to do just that on their website.

Will every tool-tip say, "More information at www.diablo3.com"? If not, how will most people who don't follow the game even know where to find this information?

But I guess my opinion isn't valid because I'm obviously "Freaking Out."