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Lets start off that I'm not a person who hopped on the Diablo bandwaggon. I'm an avid Diablo fan I love each game and the lore with it if I have to pick a game that has such an amazing story or Lore to it Diablo takes the cake.

Now lets get this straight I heard both sides of the story Deckard Cain is Adria's brother and is not his brother which is true for a fact post some sort of evidence please.
I also heard that she comforted the hero after slaying Diablo in d1 if thats true... then thats really awkward she banged a dude with a demonic stone in his fore head..

My guesses on the Diablo 3 plot is either

Cain is belial in disguise after the meteor crash and he's got some sort of plot going I'm not sure what but he's the lord of lies so who knows.

Leah's mother Adria banged the hero and because of the soul stone in his head he had some sort of demonic seed and is part way attached to Diablo and thus can bring Big D back.
Watch the Black SS ceni as Azmodan is talking to Diablo pretty cool and interesting.

Adria is Diablo because after the events of D1 she left tristram and she has never been heard or seen again so after taking the demonic seed she has been hindered by Diablo over time and corrupted like in D1 with the kid.

or because the World Stone was destroyed Demons can come and go as they please?

those are the possible idea's from me that could be on how Diablo could be back

I think Diablo's main goal is to take over Baal,Meph, and himself into one creature and leave his presence in control of the 3.

post your idea's I'd love to hear some other speculation its fun guessing the lore!

Oh and for the people that say Tyereal is bad it's Plausible with the whole justice meteor idea going around and because of the huge explosion from mt Arreat he could've been corrupted by a shard if I have to say one bad A** boss would be in Diablo 3 is show the character unable to help Tyreal our Archangel our friend one of the angels who stuck up for humanity willing to be outcast by the Angel council turn into a bad guy twisted and turned for the burning hells pleasure.
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If you can remember your Diablo gossip dialogue, according to Cain, Adria arrived in Tristram just as things were getting ugly. She set up shop to 'help out'. Now it turns out she 'comforted' the warrior when he emerged from the labyrinth. Just doing her bit to help out, I suppose.

The warrior had already used Diablo's soulstone to encapsulate the demon. He became the Dark Wanderer you follow through three Acts of Diablo 2 until he finally becomes the embodiment of Diablo in the Durance of Hate below Kurast.

For this reason Adria can't be Diablo. There is something off about her, though. Her union with the warrior while he contained the essence of Diablo is somewhat... bizarre. To say the least. As you point out, judging by the end of the Diablo cinematic, half of Diablo's soulstone was sticking out of the warrior's forehead. Could Adria not see that? :s

I don't think it bodes well.

SFAIK Cain is not Adria's brother.

I have my suspicions, based on beta play, of where Diablo will come from. I'm keeping schtum though because a) I don't want to spoil anything and b) I don't want to look a complete fool if I'm wrong! :P
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Yeah who knows but if i'm wrong I'm wrong I'm just putting pieces together that I see in ceni's and off of lore I know and research about I think its fun to speculate even if I'm wrong cause what if the lore writer actually had one of these things in mind for the game and scrapped it?:P

But yes the "Warrior" that slayed the first Diablo was comforted by Adria after leaving the labyrinth before he left town to go "east" she also disappeared and was never seen again, so I'm not saying per say that she is DIABLO in Diablo 2 but could possibly be the result either Adria or Leah for the return of Diablo because of the events that happened in Diablo 1.! See what I'm saying now?

But still the whole Tyreal idea do you agree that if he is either good or bad it would be sweet?
I mean if he does go bad it will be a emotional moment for all Avid Diablo fans. sort of like in Halo 1 you had to kill Captain keyes you didn't want too but he turned bad because of a force of evil.
But because it's Diablo and the lore is rich and tyreals a bad A** it will be much more Dramatic.

As for the return of the heroes in Diablo that we played as

If you haven't already known in Diablo 1
Rouge - Blood Raven
Mage - Summoner
Warrior - Dark wanderer

In Diablo there will be the return of our heroes the question is which are alive, which are mad, and which are our allies?

I already heard around on the forums that the Necro has a Apprentice so who knows..

Now this is the killer for me in the lore which I'm uncertain but it will be big no matter if I'm wrong all the way or if I'm slightly close to the true lore in D3.

Diablo has always been behind a Soul Stone, and possessing a human to spawn the legions of the burning hell's.
If I'm correct about my lore ( I feel like Deckard Cain atm lol) the World Stone kept both the heaven and hell off of sanctuary ( Earth). Tyreal blew that up which lets both forces invade as they please (Intro Ceni) also gives the Nephalim ( our characters) more power as they regain their strength.

With that being said what if Diablo can come back from where ever he was banished too the black abyss I believe and this way hes not behind 2 barriers? (Soul Stone, and Human vessel)

What if Diablo's power was only a quarter of his true strength because of those 2 and now that he can come from the Burning hell to straight into the world is a big uh oh. I think Big D can do this or slightly resemble my speculation.

What do you guys think?

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12/13/2011 10:01 PMPosted by Callmespanky
I think its fun to speculate even if I'm wrong

I agree with you so much about this. I've read around about how Chris Metzen et al have fleshed out the Diablo lore over the last few years. I really enjoyed the slightly vague suggestions offered in the first two games but now they've gone right back to the beginning, altered things around and even gone so far as to provide a creation myth.

I realise a lot of people prefer to be spoon-fed the story and not have to try too hard to find all the pieces. For me this leaves nothing to the imagination. Having followed - and played - StarCraft and WarCraft games since 1996 (Diablo being the game that got me interested in Blizzard of course, so I came to WC2 a year late) I'm sure they'll give us a good story but I have to say I much preferred the Dante's 'Divine Comedy' aspect of the Diablo world to the sweeping mythos of WarCraft. That doesn't mean I don't like the WarCraft lore, because I do. I just felt Diablo had been left so vague it was by far the more mysterious.

For many reasons, speculating on anything at the moment is very difficult because we don't know what aspects of the established lore they are keeping and which have been retconned. So we don't know how they are tidying up the inconsistencies between the first two games. We also don't know how they are filling in some of the more vague aspects of the first two games. A lot of the content in the beta is a huge homage to the first game, with a few references to the second. It feels to me as though they are taking Diablo 3 right back to the beginning to bring it all together.

Okay, that was a bit of a rant I admit. Sorry about that! :P

In regards to Tyrael, it would make sense he would become tainted. We've seen how the heroes from Diablo became corrupted just by facing all the evil in the labyrinth beneath the Cathedral. They only battled Diablo, a single Prime Evil. Tyrael was confined briefly with not one but two Prime Evils, in the Tomb of Tal Rasha. He did not bow to them and I would imagine that if the war between heaven and hell has been raging for eternity, he has likely faced both of those brothers before. If he wasn't corrupted already, I don't see why that one encounter would make any difference.

If you pay attention to things Chris Metzen says, it seems obvious he likes there to be some hope in these stories. He believes it to be essential for heroes. I suspect Tyrael will be that hope, at least for the time-being. I doubt they would corrupt Tyrael that easily but I could be wrong.

So for these reason I think no: Tyrael is still our ally and a hero. I think he might have been fooled at some point, probably more than once. He does seem to be the only force for the heavens we've seen. He has helped us contend with not just the destruction, hatred and terror of the three Primes but has helped us overcome anguish and pain too. Now we have to face off against lies and sin and likely the return of terror. If he could do it alone, heaven would have won this war a long time ago. He's not perfect but he is not evil and he is not corrupted. At least, that's what makes sense to me. :P

I shall finish as quickly as I can. I've blathered too long already!

The warrior headed east after he was 'comforted' (nice euphemism). It seems to me that Adria has followed in his footsteps, at least part of the way. She seems to have taken another character from Tristram along with her. That remains to be seen, though.

Consider: Izual said he helped the three Prime Evils mastermind their exile to Sanctuary. Ask yourself: would the three Prime Evils inform the Lesser Evils of their plan? Would Andariel, Duriel, Belial and Azmodan know exactly what the three brothers had been up to?

If the answer is no, the Prime Evils would have kept it to them selves, rewatch the Black Soulstone cinematic and wonder on the implications of who Azmodan thinks he is talking to.

If the answer is yes, the Black Soulstone cinematic takes on an entirely different meaning.

I suspect the answer is no: the Prime Evils kept their plan to themselves. So which trap is Azmodan talking about? The Soulstones? Seems likely, considering he mentions the never-before-heard-of Black Soulstone.

As to Leah or Adria being Diablo: not trying to be too Agatha Christie here but they both seem like red herrings to me. They're just a little too obvious and too many fingers are pointing in their direction. From the first game it seems Adria had lots of visions. What do those two recent cinematics we've seen suggest about Leah?

As for the heroes from Diablo 2: they faced off against all three Prime Evils and two of the Lesser Evils. Did they ever really stand a chance? :P
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Adria and "the warrior", eldest son of King Leoric,(keep forgetting his name) apparently grew close not after he returned triumphant but during the whole ordeal. Her attempts at comfort(sexual or otherwise) were mentioned in regards to his growing madness. She left Tristram shortly after he did knowing things were going to take a really dark turn for the worst.

So, she had an idea of what he was, if not full knowledge. She also must have known she was pregnant by then. He IS the father, as more pr less confirmed by Leah herself. Adria dies in Leah's youth and Leah is adopted by Cain.

That's about all that can be gathered from the beta.

While it could be a red herring that Leah is a Diablo rebirth time capsule with a cute face, it should not surprise anyone if this turns out to be the case. All of her visions(which may just be part of her inheritance) and the arrival of the black soulstone to her feet are curious. Add the key art from Blizzcon showing a very feminine Diablo form(confirmed that he could really take any form he pleases) and Leah could be held as a suspect.

But I'd like to throw something into the mix that may not have been considered(or I haven't read carefully enough). Who is to say Adria is not an agent of heaven not unlike Tyrael?

She shows up in Tristram shortly before the events go down with Lazarus. She has potent visions. Seems to understand what happened to Leoric's eldest son after his victory over Diablo and died to unknown causes. Maybe?
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Blast I went on so long I forgot a couple of other things:

In Diablo 2 Deckard Cain points out that Andariel's presence at the monastery suggests the Lesser Evils are now supporting the Prime Evils. Duriel in Tal Rasha's tomb seems to back this up. So can we assume that at least two of the Lesser Evils got clued in on the Prime Evils' plan at some point?

Deckard is Jered's descendant. Jered was one of the Horadrim who captured the three Prime Evils in the Soulstones. Another of those Horadrim is Tal Rasha. Is Jered the only one who made time to sire descendants?

12/14/2011 05:29 AMPosted by BelligerentB
Who is to say Adria is not an agent of heaven not unlike Tyrael?

That has occurred to me too. Everyone believes Adria has died at some point since she left Tristram 20 years earlier. We shall see.

12/14/2011 05:29 AMPosted by BelligerentB
Add the key art from Blizzcon showing a very feminine Diablo form(confirmed that he could really take any form he pleases) and Leah could be held as a suspect.

You should take anything mentioned before we see it in game with a pinch of salt. Blizzard would love to throw us off the trail. But yes, she is a suspect.

Do bear in mind that Leah is only in the right place at the right time for the arrival of the fallen star because Deckard Cain led her there. Kismet? Possibly.

So far in the games the only way a person can transform in to a Prime Evil is through the use of a soulstone. As things stand it doesn't make sense that Leah can simply become an embodiment of Diablo. Nor Adria, for that matter. If you're right about her and Aidan (the warrior) not necessarily being close after he has Diablo's essence, there would be no indication whatsoever that Leah is a demon-spawn. Unless her mother is one too. I got the impression though that Adria did the comforting 'after' the warrior emerged from the labyrinth and not during the troubles.
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What just dawned on me in the ceni's and that has been given from Blizzard.

We've seen Major role figures some we've seen before and some we haven't:
Diablo, Azmodan,Tyreal, Imperious.

Where is Belial? Never seen he/she before we know he/she is alive..or have we seen it?
So that also brings into question Mephy, and Baal!

12/14/2011 04:45 AMPosted by Kwai
I suspect the answer is no: the Prime Evils kept their plan to themselves. So which trap is Azmodan talking about?

Watch the Black Soul stone Ceni and picture Leah as Diablo.
What if all along it was Diablo's plan to get exiled to Sanctuary for one purpose.
I believe Diablo's ultimate plan again is to Rule hell knock Azmodan and Belial out of the picture and take over both meph and Baal with him in control. (Him being Diablo)

What if the Black Soul Stone was the "key" as Leah say's to keep Diablo alive and to be reborn after death not needing a vessel?
Or the "key" to unite Diablo, Meph, and baal together?
think about what I just said why would Azmodan want/need it?
why would he send his army of hell on a sole mission to find it?
and also why put soooooooo much effort on to hide it? Azmodan says "My minions will pour forth from the shattered mountain" " ravising this world and all hope of resistance" "my minions will find the stone where ever you choose to hide it then at long last Azmodan will reign as THE PRIME EVIL!" I'm telling you its combining the primes into one being!!

Also think about this I just rewatched the Black SS Ceni would Blizzard put THAT much effort into a CGI Ceni making us look at useless pages in Cain's book as shes flipping through the pages before she has a vision?

I think not I think there is something on one of those pages that tells us how Diablo will get out or something

Look at it at first its like a little worm looking Diablo, flips the page then its like a starved human sacrificed on a pentagram, then its Diablos skull fossil, then finally the black soulstone!

12/14/2011 05:29 AMPosted by BelligerentB
Who is to say Adria is not an agent of heaven not unlike Tyrael?

That is what just brought up my question I'm really thinking something shady's going on with her or Cain I'm telling you it;s the lord of lies it will decieve us a character we know is Belial watch!

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As for the book thing I just talked about it also just dawned on to me what if it's a time line in the book to how Diablo will become his true form or something? or come back into sanctuary!

First make a baby Diablo (Diablo 1 Aiden and Adria)
Second Sacrifice a human with a soul stone stuck in the forehead ( Aiden ) Diablo used his body throughout D2 you can clearly see the soulstone stuck in the human figures head only one person has done that!
Third Diablo 2's diablo must die ( I say that because it looks like D2's skull and its all fossilized)
Fourth the Black soulstone is the key!
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12/14/2011 06:54 AMPosted by Callmespanky
Watch the Black Soul stone Ceni and picture Leah as Diablo.

You seem to have missed my next point:

12/14/2011 04:45 AMPosted by Kwai
If the answer is yes, the Black Soulstone cinematic takes on an entirely different meaning.

In this instance, I'd say Leah is Diablo. But not in the first.

I know the theory you're referring to but it makes little sense, unless Blizzard are completely ignoring the HUGE ending of D2: LoD and its implications for the nephalem (people).

When you watch that Black Soulstone cinematic, it can make sense in quite the opposite way. Consider for a moment that the two times Diablo has manifested through the soulstone he has done so in the descendants of King Leoric (Albrecht and Aidan). What is Leah to King Leoric? Why was Leoric Diablo's first victim? The King proved too strong-willed so his attempted possession failed. That's why he moved on to the King's youngest son.

Who or what is Adria? What does that make Leah?

Imagine that cinematic again if Azmodan was talking to a secret descendant of Tal Rasha, or some other Horadrim. Or perhaps even to Tyrael himself. Whose plan is Azmodan actually talking about?

EDIT: Oh and unless it's been rectonned, Cain says that the destruction of the soulstones only prevented the Prime Evils from manifesting in the mortal realm.
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The plot:

Tyrael meets cain via meteor in the first moments of the game <intro cinematic>.

He tells cain he was almost captured by Azmodan and that he has to hide an artifact that will bring about the end of days <black soulstone>.

Quickly, since the agents of Azmodan are on Tyrael's tail, Tyrael tells cain that cain must take the black soulstone to the place where the worldstone once stood; that is the gate to heaven and hell now. Cain must return the black soulstone to heaven and secure it from anyone seeking to gain the prime evil's power.

Tyrael flees (and is caught, and after being tortured(?) is left under the watch of the butcher, who we then fight and free tyrael, but tyrael is weakened and 'appears' as a mortal) and Act 1 goes to Act 2.

Cain is secretive to the extreme, knowing tyrael is weak and so is he and anything could ruin them, but in Act two he is tricked by the lord of lies, belial, and his mission is somewhat compromised. Cain leaves the picture due to death, trickery, or whatever else is required to incapacitate him for the story.

The Black Soulstone falls to Leah and this is the point where we see the black soulstone cinematic; this is leah reliving Tyrael's interview with azmodan before he fled to cain.

The end of Act 2 sees Adria reuniting with the heroes and a tour de force begins against Azmodan.

Act 3 will be strait forward. Azmodan dies, we think we win, then Adria reveals herself to be evil; grabbing the black soulstone and taking on the essences. She enters heaven and Act 4 begins.

Act 4 sees Diablo-Adria wreaking heavenly havok as we fight to contain her while imperius goes batsht mad and attacks everyone who isnt an angel.


1. People give way too much credence to belial; he's just the lord of lies, not the the lord of evil plots that span generations and involve every other evil ever know - if he was then he'd be the prime evil and the first game would have been "Belial" and the second game would have been "Belial 2" - see where I'm going?

2. Blizzard buffs know they have a thing for heroes being corrupted, almost unwillingly: Kerrigan and Arthas. Consider this a bias for all Leah plots. I doubt Leah is the next diablo-incarnation.

3. Diablo is dead for all intents and purposes. Meph and Baal too. They're not "in the picture" anymore. That parts of them still remain is probable, but that ties into the meaning of the Black Soulstone pretty clearly.

4. The only opponent for Azmodan's "brothers" (Azmodan's "I defy you" speech in the BS cinematic) that makes ANY sense is TYRAEL. You do understand that the primes vs the lessers is a side story that has no real impact right? Thinking that the lessers are trying to KILL off the primes is as foolish as thinking that belial is so integral as to be cain. Was duriel in any way integral to the plot? Nope.

5. Leah is our beacon of hope in this game; whatever happens to her. Tyrael is the one Azmodan is speaking to in the BS cinematic "memory." Tyrael will be 'lessened' in this story; but still very much active.

6. The black soulstone is the keystone of Tyrael's plan to entrap the evils. Izual was pretty clearly fed to the demons as a plant; so they'd hear about the soulstones while Tyrael kept the black soulstone as an ace up his sleeve.

7. The end is anyone's guess. What I can tell you is that Tyrael is the one Azmodan is speaking to, Tyrael is the meteor, and that cain is NOT belial.

EDIT: Blizzard "said" no heaven act in this game and it seems now we were misled. Basing the fact Leah is going to die/be diablo seems sound - that whole skin leak - but think about it... what are the chances of an in game sequence involving a lie? like maybe in act 2...?

In other words be careful what information you base your "this is sure to happen"s on. Could Belial at one point pretend to be cain? probably. But for belial to be cain 24/7 is foolish, still. ;)
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Have you read The Sin War Trilogy that Blizzard has written and published? It was a fun read. In the books you learn all about the creation of Sanctuary, the forces working behind the scenes and the beginning of mankind's resistance.

It would make sense for the game to contain elements from within the books, right? Why write a book and then have your game create a completely different image of the world--that isn't Blizzard's style. I am excited to search for references in-game to characters that were introduced in the books.
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I think Cain is going to die.
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Lots of conjecture in these posts. A lot of people are running with the idea that Leah will turn into Diablo, but I'm not sold. It is also possible that Adria and Aidan hooked up prior to him driving the soul stone into his forehead. The soul stones were used for the prime evils to embody their host, however, with the destruction of the world stone this shouldn't be a necessity any longer.
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What if all along it was Diablo's plan to get exiled to Sanctuary for one purpose.

Mind = blown
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