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BattleTag - violation of naming guidelines?

88 Human Mage
I have tried to create BattleTag (Mythanar), and received an error that the name is in violation of BattleTag Naming Policy. The link to said policy is dead.

It'd be nice to have this problem fixed at some point.
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Is this the page you're looking for? http://us.battle.net/support/en/article/battletagnamingpolicy
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88 Human Mage
Thanks for the link, Obelisk!

I don't see my name being in conflict with this policy. Either I misunderstand it, or verification is broken. Which is still a bug.
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I agree, I don't see anything wrong with your name.


I can't even find a part of your name that could set off their content filtering. :P

I don't suppose you used any non-alpha characters?

Edited by Obelisk on 12/15/2011 6:50 PM PST
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88 Human Mage
Nope, straight latin [a-zA-Z]
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I am also under violation for my name, it simply will not accept "Mikuro" in any way.

I have no idea what is wrong with it, it's part of my email address, the name of several Warcraft characters and the name of my Starcraft 2 handle.
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90 Human Warrior
I'm also getting this problem, I can't see the violation in the name "Metaldane"
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They all start with "M"...perhaps this is some particular bug in the system where somehow "M" didn't get added as a valid character?

I don't know, kinda grasping at straws here.
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Could not use my gamer name for 15 years "Esaubro" . This is an original Diablo name like Bobafett, I bet thats blocked too. Fix the bug or lighten up the policy. Allow us to chance Battletag at release or something.
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88 Human Mage
The problem persists for me as well. It'd be nice to at least add it to the list of known issues.
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Has there been any response to the matter by Blizzard? I too had this same problem with my tag "Grandios", which I have used in the past and present in WoW, WC3, and D2.

This name does not violate any of the conditions referenced in their policy.

I sent a ticket but unfortunately they responded saying not much can be done on the matter.

"Hi there,

At this time we are unable to assist with any naming issues with the BattleTag. You are welcome to create a different name, but if the web page is saying the name is in violation, we do not have a method of overwriting this currently. You can try to utilize the name at a later date in case there is an issue with the web page, but I cannot guarantee that the name will be available.

If you have any questions about this or any other issue, feel free to reply to this ticket or call us. Our contact information can be found at http://blizzard.com/support/article/cs."

Hoping this is resolved in the near future, or there be a way for us to send it through some vetting process.
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90 Human Mage
I got into the beta, just to get teased by Blizzard that i cannot play because i cant select "Siku"
And from what i read, BattleTag being permanent and through all your games, I aint even TRYING to find another name.
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Issue! Cannot Play!!

I created my battletag over a month ago and have been receiving this issue during login

"Action required, a battletag is required to play diablo 3. Your battletag is how friends will find you and how you are seen in games, and on battle.net. You will be redirected to create your battle tag"


My battletag name has been with my battle.net accounts since battlenet was created.

Thank you

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