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Is anyone actually going to use serenity?

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It only lasts 3 seconds, and has a 1 minute cooldown. Granted you are invulnerable for those 3 seconds, and with obsidian stone it can be 5 seconds, but I still don't think its worth it. Seems like a cool spell especially with the indigo runestone so you can reflect ranged attacks(helpful since the monk doesn't have any ranged attacks). I'd even be happy if they would make it drain spirit per second and only work with stopping ranged attacks. It just seems impractical to me. If I get in a tight spot I would rather use a potion than waste one of my 6 skill slots on a spell that lasts for 3 seconds, with a 1 minute cooldown. It seems this skill needs some tweakin imo.
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Currently, I'd use it in the arena with the massive self-heal.

I do agree though, I'd love to see it's cooldown dropped and its effects altered accordingly.
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It could definitely use some tweaking, however I feel that even with the three second duration hardcore players are going to love this skill.

If they increase the duration too much you may be able to use the teleport stone to get out of harms way without a downside. This skill could be very hard to balance, any patches to it could cause it to either be useless or too powerful IMO.

I could see it getting some use in the PvP arena as it's basically a trollface button, costing you only 10 of your resource for potentially a massive amount from your opponent.
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This is one of the various builds I'm looking at for giggles. If Serenity CD is up, Cyclone Strike, Serenity, Two Crippling Waves, Serenity breaks, then Fists of Thunder to wipe out what's left. If Serenity is down, then you Cyclone Strike, Blinding Flash, two Fists of Thunder, Crippling Wave, and repeat as needed.
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i'd use it against tough boss packs with the alabaster rune.
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Depends on what kind of CC enemies use against me. At the very least, I'll swap it in for bosses with significant control effects.
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I've had no inclination to nor do I think I will.
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I was putting it into the majority of my builds.

I think it's great and will be able to save your life many many times if you're on the ball and use it right.
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You will probably see all PvP monks use it.
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In the arenas at Blizzon it was a game changer. 3 seconds doesn't seem like a lot of time but when the action gets going to begin to see just how much you can do inside a 3 second window.

For PvE serenity will be awesome for Hell/Inferno as an escape tool, those 3 seconds will likely be enough to get you out of harms way, provided it's something you can run away from (ie not a boss/event.)
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I can see it being VITAL in the higher levels in HC, i sure as hell plan on picking it up
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you can't swap abilities on the fly anymore.

That being said this seems rather useless considering its massive cd. Only being useful for 5% of the time you could possibly use it. One only has 6 slots to use and having a skill that you can only use sparingly seems inefficient, for something to have that long of a cd it would have to do something massive, a 3 sec invuln that really is not.
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Serenity is a WoW-trinket at best. Its functionality does not fit the fast paced D3 ethos...and although a lot of people here think it'd be best to use in a pvp situation I think Inner Sanctuary could be used equally (or almost as) well in these situations (and ultimately more frequently).

Just like the new 10 minute Chant of Resonance, I do not understand why this skill is build the way it is...

One thing that could make this skill a lot more useful would be something like the WD's passive that causes nearby enemy kills to reduce cooldowns...but such a passive is also missing from the Monk's arsenal.
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Turn it to kill those incredibly annoying special monster packs, it will prob be used frequently as a hot swap skill.

I think big emergency skills like this may also be favored in Hardcore mode.
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Nope. I hate it.
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It's essential in PvP.

Jay did mention at blizzcon that each class have abilities that may not seem too useful in PVE, but awesome in PVP.
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I've got a group monk build that focuses on healing, in which I pick this up, it can be runed to affect everyone within range, and that makes it incredibly powerful for that, 3 seconds can be a long time in Diablo, I think it's a pretty good talent, but situational, in later difficulties it will probably be really good, and for HC there is no question.
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Golden rune on it is going to be amazing in group PvP / HC. Casting that -> Breath of Heaven easily saves someone's life in an arena, basically makes them take you down again (think BoP that also protects magic/can't be debuffed if you play WoW)
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