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To everyone upset about lack of release date

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We as a community have become rather unruly due to lack of release date because of speculation of why and what we think we know of the situation regarding Diablo 3. I am in the same boat. I am upset because I really wanna play thel game as well. The game will come out when it's ready, regardless of what Blizzard determines as 'ready.' Take it from a fellow community member, MANY things can be done while we wait. Here are a list of potential things to take our weary minds off this whole thing.

1. Go to your local bookstore or amazon or whatever, and order Diablo 3: Book of Cain. Read an excerpt every day to satiate your Diablo craving. Its not expensive and the book is really well done and pretty bad@ss.

2. Bust out D1 or D2 and play though just as a refresher.

3. Get excited about Christmas. I know I am. :)

4. Take up a new sport or embrace a long lost one. I need to start playing raqeutball again.

5. Try something new, bowling is fun with friends or going hiking is pretty fun. Even making a collaborative comic. If your not a fan of going out get some friends and start a DnD campaign or something.

6. Magic the Gathering drafts anyone?

7. StarCraft II achievement wh0ring?

8. Make a music video about a day of the week, maybe Friday for instance.

9. Make some elaborate plan to do something nice or romantic for you parents or spouse respectively. (Nice actions go a long way, don't read into that adults)

10. Make an effort to visit a zoo, museum, or otherwise and try to learn something interesting or take pictures.

I love the community, but I feel as though we are beating a dead horse here. Let's spread the love and holiday spirit people, after all without Blizzard we wouldn't all be here talking to each other. So lets just be thankful for each other!

Merry Christmas and <3
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2. Bust out D1 or D2 and play though just as a refresher.
Merry Christmas and <3

I really want to play diablo 2 , but it's 800X600 doesn't fit my wide monitor any longer , it was good many years ago but not any longer
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Oh good, another thread about people who cry for a release date.

You clearly didn't read it. Why post when you don't read?
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You clearly didn't read it. Why post when you don't read?

Despite being a forum thats contains words, no one can actually read on these forums.

Also, facerolling your keyboard on said forum also entitles you to have the game made specifically for you!

If you directly smash your face against your keyboard, you have EARNED up to the second info from Blizzard!

If you create the exact same thread as everyone else, you deserve a direct answer, post haste, YOU ARE A SPECIAL SNOWFLAKE!

(not directed at you OP)

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12/21/2011 08:01 AMPosted by N00bsauce
Oh good, another thread about people who cry for a release date.

Reading comprehension isn't exactly your strong suit is it? That's alright, we'll get you setup with a coloring book and some crayons.
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I"m participating in "2. Bust out D1 or D2 and play though just as a refresher."

I was in college when d2 came out and never played it (computers weren't handed out like condoms at the time i was there.) I recently purchase d2 and i'm having a blast, I started latest ladder reset and have two chars working through hell, sorceress and a paladin. While the graphics are obviously dated the gameplay is still addicting. Now if i could only find/obtain a Vex rune my life will be complete, til diablo3 comes out.
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