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Character Customization Explained - Updated!!

Great thread. I can't help but prefer the new system. When I was playing as my solo witch doctor I had him speced for handeling mobs, but walked into a boss fight only to get my !@# handed to me. Under the old system I would have to restart, intead I went back to town changed my gear and switched to a summoner build. Sure I might not be playing as my doctor in a month or two, but I can see myself playing this game for a while. I wonder how many people they would lose out of frustration if you had constantly restart to respec. I hate to break it to all you D2 diehards but the new system is way better. I am planning on finishing the game with alll five classes, instead of just focusing on one like D2. I just hope it isn't anouther decade plus wait until we get an update, or at least a few dlc's.
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Amazing read. This answers all my questions and makes the current complaining threads look woefully uninformed. I had no idea how progressive D3 is, and how broken D2 was.
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Oh boy...
You guys can only clear a game with a cookie cutter build?!

You know the beauty in Diablo 2 was? Sure the cookie cutter build was the way to go if you wanted to optimize your succes but you could also make a different build and most of the time, it would be strongh enough to handle hell difficulty. I know this because i spended 7 years on that game!

Sure the hammerdin is very powerful but i have only lvl one up to the mid of 50 and gaved up. Why? Because that build was boring!!!!! I choice a necromancer instead, ended with 4 different kinds on my account, i even manage to make a poison necromancer that could take on hell alone!

Diablo 2 was fun because you could make so many different kinds of builds. If one build didnt do quite good, then you reroll. You could experiment with different builds and people would that you were playing with, would likely ask what is the idea behind the char and some even would help you out with some different info or helping you get some few items that were extremely rare!

My problem with the skill system is not how you can change it, that is cool, i like it. But what i don't like about it, is that a wepons DPS is affecting all skills! How in gods name, can a stone knife, that has no mods in it, improve my witch doctors spells?! He is not even using the dagger to hurt his enemies but using the spell! That is just plain illogical! And don't you start saying because of balance issues, cause that is not working, there will always be balance issues.

Diablo 2 was not perfect but it worked damn well!
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You know what's funny? Everything the OP said about gems was wrong
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06/02/2012 01:36 PMPosted by Frybrain
You know what's funny? Everything the OP said about gems was wrong


Gemcrafting is the new way in which a player may give themselves stat points. It gives the player a choice of which stat to modify, small bonuses are given at a time (4-6 points per level of gem). Gems will drop frequently, be tradable, and provide the same kind of allocation players are wanting. Many people may not understand the mechanic well enough to know that it’s just transferred, not missing.

As listed on http://us.battle.net/d3/en/item/#filter=jeweler gems may be placed in 4 slots (excluding helms and shields). Shields are not counted as they cannot be used by every single class/spec. Helms are excluded as gems do not give them socket bonuses. If we assume 2-4 sockets in a given slot (on average), we may have anywhere from 7-16 slots to play with at any given time. With an end game gem giving +58 to a particular stat, that’s a whopping potential of 928 stat points. Eat that Diablo II! (This number is based on conjecture and is likely too high). My estimate is 1 socket amulets, 2 socket belts, 2 socket bracers, 6 socket armors at end game (probably around 600 points or so).

No it wasn't?

The only things he said that ended up being wrong were the items which get sockets (they changed that in a patch after this was written) and the number of sockets per slot. There's no way he could have known this information but his point still stands and is still valid:
Helm - 1 socket (Doesn't add stats)
Jewelry - 1 socket (x3)
Pants - 2 sockets
Armor - 3 sockets
Weapons - 1 socket (possible x2, doesn't add stats)
Offhand - 1 socket (adds stats)

A possibility of 8 or 9 (with shield) sockets adding stats, at +58 per socket, that gives you:
8 Sockets = 464 stat points
9 Sockets = 522 stat points.

His final prediction was around 600 points. About 100 points too high, but yeah, his point still stands.
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I have no idea if you are speaking for the new d3 system or just comparing the 2. But i feel these things about d3 item system and the game in general.

Im not using any items that has dropped, and I am now at level 54. During 54 levels I have gotten all my items at the auction house. The auction house is pretty fun though.

I havent seen a single unique item or set item drop for 54 levels. Really booring!!

The feeling i had in Diablo2 where as if i could survive and kill a boss in the game I might get a unique item thrill has not been felt yet.

The game feels small. It might be alot bigger than d2 but it still feels like there is less in it. Cant feel the thrills.

Im not scared in this game. Im not afraid of dying. Booring. There is no loss, or consequences for falure. No evil. I want Evil like D1. I wanna be scared at every corner of the game.

What happened to the awesome diablo music, that is supposed to make you jump out of your seat?

Why am I not a killem all baddass killing machine at level 54? After spending tons of money in the auction house?

I have to say I dont want a D2.2 so im happy that there are drastic changes. And im open to newness. But it feels like the game is hardly finished and you guys did a lousy job over a 12 year period of time. the release of playing d2 in 2000 until 2006 was awesome it just kept me thrilled the whole time.

Now I am at my first character in d3 level 54 and i havent called in sick for work yet, nor have i cancelled my date with my girlfriend to stay home and have an awesome night with D3 yet.

Make me loose my job!!!

Like you did with D1, WC2, WC3, WOW, and D2!

And make me crap in my pants like you did, in Wc1, D1, Wc2.

Cmon you have no excuses after making us wait 12 years!!!
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