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Character Customization Explained - Updated!!

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An excellent read. I already thought D3 had made significant improvements over the rather aged systems that D2 used, but after reading all this I'm more excited than ever to get into building my D3 characters once the game is released!

The only downside to this thread is that the people who typically complain about all this stuff, are unlikely to ever read it.
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01/01/2012 01:10 AMPosted by Woofles
The only downside to this thread is that the people who typically complain about all this stuff, are unlikely to ever read it.

1 person who has complained read it, the 10 hours I spent typing it were not in vain after all!
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Dontinquire, thank you very much for the massive typeup and well formulated thread! Kudos to you man!

(Feel like translating into German for the EU-DE Forum? :D )
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I'm not an everyday browsing for my hopes of what's going to be, and what's going to happen throughout this work-near-done.
I'd used to be a hardcore D2 Fan, as most who had played it were, but I'd drawn away due to the sheer perfection some had brought in with all the time, money, and effort that I hadn't been able to put into the game due to the fact I had schooling of sorts, and things needed to be done within my means of living.

I see the every day arguments between what some want about the, "You made this choice, you did it wrong. That's your fault, sit your sweet !@# down, and rebuild from the beginning". What's the reason of that when all the wasted effort for gearing up the character, setting it up well, just to be stomped on by the many who copy another, just to feel better and more skilled.

I prefer this style, compared to how it was before, because it gives a variety and choice of freedom that originally wasn't obtainable though any casual players means.
Sure, it limits what they can do, at first, as all things do, but once they get a hang and learn how the system of it goes, they can bring the enjoyment to themselves without pressure of failure or criticism from the trolls and Hardcore'rs that are always seeming to be around on the lesser players.

As unfair as it is due to the amount of time and money they have, they push players who find the enjoyment of choices within their means, away from what they enjoy due to the pressure of being a lesser in the others eyes.
It's crude and heart-breaking of the judgmental reasoning, but this is a perfect post to get it through and settle those arguments, but as usual; the trolls and die-hard fanatics of their own opinion are going to try and break down those who find this helpful and preferably honest for their views.

Thank you for this post,

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Thank you for your post Don

It help me picture whats Diablo 3 is going to be
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3. Magic Find

There is a lot of controversy surrounding magic find being implemented in D3. Players don’t like the idea that they’ll be carrying someone who does not contribute to the success of a group but still benefits from it.

They say it should be removed from the game entirely.

Players who oppose this position say magic find does not need to be adjusted or at worst needs to buff group members you have partied by a fraction of the bonus you have. Let’s look at implementation in both games.

You are generalizing magical find issues to just 1. Also not all critics of MF as proposing the total removal of MF at all, just a change in mechanics. There are already different ideas for a solution but i'll only mention my own :p

So my problem with your summary regarding criticisms regarding MF, will be that every single criticism will all come down to 1 particular issue out of many, and other casual readers will just use that to shoot down ANY OTHER criticisms regarding an issue about MF, that may be DIFFERENT from the only issue that you mentioned :/

For this particular issue you mentioned, i personally don't like it but to deal with it i simply won't party with people that do that, problem solved. but i do think it will create social problems :/

My particular issue with MF is in regards to the unfuness of wearing gear because of it.

What i mean by this is, most of us will be wearing MF to have a better chance of finding rare/legendary gear. As such, if you find a better dps gear, you will most likely not wear it, and just keep on using whatever you got since it may have higher mf.

So this detracts from the enjoyment of simply wearing the better gear you find, rather you will most likely wear the mf stack with crappier dps stats just in order to find more, which you will probably not wear unless for pvp or when you've completed the game by which time it's game over.

and an even more specific concern is, this will prevent you from using the full gear for a set item e.g. immortal king. This is on the assumption that MF for IK will not be as good as individual mf gear :X So it will just end up like D2 where you don't wear the whole set, just some .... as such you will be missing out on the valueble set bonuses the entire set offers.

My solution is to do what they did for the stats issue. They removed the choice of you adding stats manually everytime you level up. Instead you will in D3 only be able to get stats via item stats, runes, gems, enchantments ... even with this change you will still be able to achieve the high amount of stacked stats as you want, but in a different way of achieving it.

This is essentially the same like my idea, by just restricting MF stats to gemming/socket and enchanting. This way you can wear any gear you want without the mf stat hanging over your head.

Yeah you'd still need to prioritize whether you want more dps pve stats or MF for socket/gem and enchantments, but at least the difference now you can wear any gear you want with the relevant dps gear that was already on them. But most importantly you can wear that epic immortal king set item and benefit from the bonuses, rather than only wearing partial set items.

PS: not everyone is going to be fussy about mf. they'd just wear any gear they find which is better in terms of dps pve without worrying over mf. But i'm sure that there are many of those who will be prioritizing MF in PVE for gear ..... lots of ferrengis out there :X

Also i'd appreciate if you explained how exactly the MF mechanic work. From my understanding loot tables was removed in D3 ? and other stuff :/
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12/31/2011 11:18 AMPosted by Khaldun
Mr. Venguard: you play WoW like I do, as we can see. Now, I see you have two specs listed: arcane and fire. Doesn't the ability to change your build, should you feel it necessary, seem awfully convenient sometimes?

Nope, I've never used my backup spec in a serious way.

I don't play WoW, I've Played WoW. There's a difference.
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01/01/2012 10:15 AMPosted by Vengaurd
I don't play WoW, I've Played WoW. There's a difference.

but you still keep an active account?

but OP, great post, well written and you make good comparisons. thank you.

i also find it hilarious (and sad) that all the people that complain about these comparisons havent responded (besides a couple with the permanence issues etc etc). and they probably never will because theyre too close minded to read anything and just want to sit there and say "but but its gonna suck i wants my d2 again"
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D3 Attempts to solve this problem by simply giving you all the skills of your class while restricting your ability to actually use any more than 6 of them. They also removed flat damage amounts from skills. All skill damage is now based off weapon damage %’s. The result is that even the earliest skills in the game remain quite viable all the way through to the last boss in inferno! This is quite an excellent improvement.

SURE, no one care the weapon type but the basic damage it can provide, i can imagine a wizard and a barbarian use the same weapon type, for now most likely a magic mace... i DO hope the class-specified weapon REALLY mean something in the future release.
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This game will be the best blizzard has to offer. Stop asking for D2. Yes we all loved it and if you still love it, f*cking play it. It is that simple. This game will be ground breaking as far as anything we have ever played. The BETA is awesome. It is different and makes you wish you could go farther then the content currently available.
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Great Posts, one thing I see is this:

12/31/2011 04:57 AMPosted by Dontinquire
D3 has been designed with growth in mind. The inferno difficulty is the best evidence of this fact. When an expansion comes out and the level cap becomes 80, Blizzard just goes into a “monster level in inferno” spreadsheet, changes 1 value (61->81) and all the monster damage, reaction speed, projectile quantity, level of ability are now end game again. They all tie into level to derive their power. Just like a players auto-stats are tied to their level. A few stat point adjustments can be made behind the scenes (for balance reasons) and the player may never be the wiser.

The logic works well for inferno where everything is one + your lvl. However it seems the nightmare and hell will need to be scaled differently, because they will most likely add an Act V so that means if nightmare and hell are not scaled appropriately then it will be way too easy to make through those 2 levels.

I am also not sure it will be a linear scale to re-balance those two acts. We do not know if there is a linear relationship between your lvl and the mobs qty and lvl. Perhaps One lvl 60 Monk Vs. 10 lvl 61 mobs difficulty will be the same as one lvl 80 Monk Vs. 10 lvl 81 mobs. To me it seems more of an exponential relationship.

But this is a minor moot point that does not impact of the the essay as a whole. Great job!
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12/31/2011 04:53 AMPosted by Dontinquire
Customization has been largely exported to crafting

while this may be true, i feel the need to say that i feel the runestones and skill/trait choices are the reigning custom options

12/31/2011 04:54 AMPosted by Dontinquire
The chance to block has been removed from this stat as well.

you should prolly note that this is mostly on shield mods now (idk if it can be gotten on any other gear, tho)

the next thing i personally thought should be added, was to mention that energies use did not however go away, that stats increasing ones recourse and recourse regen can be found on gear now (and possibly enchants?)

i feel like im super nit picking now, but i find ur post to be near perfect for information on this, and is just lacking a tid bit so... no offense or anything by me picking apart ur post... anyway the next change i thought id mention... is that perhaps you should mention in each section where these stats can all be found in game (like on gear/gems/enchants ect)

12/31/2011 04:54 AMPosted by Dontinquire
2. Gems, the replacement of stat allocation

here i thought it might be nice to mention, just how many (like 22,000 rank 5 gems (which are the highest droppable gem) are equal to one of the highest rank gems, AND that gems can be taken out of ur gear by the jewelcrafter, which means we dont hafta worry about saving the gems up till the end of that 22k

12/31/2011 04:54 AMPosted by Dontinquire
3. Enchanting, an extension of stat allocation

here it should be mentioned that the 4 basic stats (and the gem section i guess too) are not the only things that gems/enchants will have. (gems have things like mf, and enchants have a buncha different things)

12/31/2011 04:55 AMPosted by Dontinquire
4. Skill Points

in here, you should mention that runestones (currently) drop as gray runes, and you choose which skill to put it in. it then shows you what type of runestone it was, AND that it has random affixes on it as well! which means that, they also kind of act like charms did in d2

also you should mention that the jewelcrafter, enchanter, and dying are other gold sinks. should also be explained just how bad dying could be on our gold in inferno

12/31/2011 04:56 AMPosted by Dontinquire
1 hour of inferno may yield a similar amount of drops but now blue items are counted as well

white/gray ones too!

12/31/2011 04:57 AMPosted by Dontinquire
Hardcore players want excel spreadsheets

just wanted to mention, that with the announcement of the simplified tooltips, we were also given the knowledge that there actually will be greater detail to skills on this website later on

whelp. thats all i could find really, overall was a great read and i couldnt find anything really wrong in it. but man did it take long to not only read but comment on (tho there were several breaks i made). took like 2 hours o.O

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Very awesome thread !!!!!!!!!!!!

I click the request too be sticky button ;-)

Thanks for your time and explaining everything.
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SURE, no one care the weapon type but the basic damage it can provide, i can imagine a wizard and a barbarian use the same weapon type, for now most likely a magic mace... i DO hope the class-specified weapon REALLY mean something in the future release.

They have in fact stated that weapon speed will affect cast rate. So you will likely not see many casters running around with 2 handed maces (although it is possible and probably even viable) simply because they want the mobility FCR provides.

@Honor. The focus of the post was not explaining the systems D3 offers. It is to correlate these systems and do side by side comparisons for players. There are numerous posts and videos describing the new gold sinks and new economy, I just wanted to draw a line between the two games to illustrate how a system in D2 (Stat allocation) has been transferred into D3 (Gem crafting). When I mentioned enchanting, yes it has other effects but that's why I labeled it as an extension of stat allocation. Even with 0 points from enchants you still get more to play with than D2. Thanks for the feedback.
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12/31/2011 06:18 AMPosted by ACPRO

Energy gives you mana. Mana regen is affected by your max mana. You're really dense aren't you?

calm down kid admitted the mistake which half of you on these forums don't even have the balls to do yet.


but u made another mistake, its far more than half =P
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12/31/2011 09:03 AMPosted by Thunderballs
Man... did we really need a thread like this? People just can't let go and accept the fact that Blizzard would rather tap the casual market than deal with hardcore gamers.

not really... inferno is (almost) exclusively for good players - home of the elite
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I plan on editing a few sections that weren't as well constructed. My family is visiting for New Year's so it will be a little bit before then. Thanks for reading!
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