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Character Customization Explained - Updated!!

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01/01/2012 03:04 PMPosted by Shelledfade
Didn't have to. I know everything there is to know about diablo 3 that's been allowed for the public, I play D2 still to this day, I can go on my level 90's right now if you want.

wow you should be a lawyer.

on a side note, can trolls be lawyers?
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01/01/2012 04:09 PMPosted by Dontinquire
Keep in mind that I've written 9,000 words in these posts as well.

this is a strong point lol

it would be a lot of work to add that in...

i normally run with no filter on the information im willing to give, and as long as the post was, it looked unfiltered, sorry for misunderstanding XD

i also fully understand (now) the need to filter the info ur giving the way you have, thank you for taking your time to explain

01/01/2012 04:09 PMPosted by Dontinquire
This post is not officially sanctioned by Blizzard in any way

ur post is official as they come outside of blizz/mvp... just saying =P
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best d3 thread yet

too bad the game isnt coming out until another 4 months!

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Unless someone can cite or create something equally good in rebuttal, OP here pretty much obliterates the "no customization" crowd.

That said, I had no problem with D2's systems, but having six skills with five mechanical variations each is in a fell swoop more tantalizing than any talent tree or any other customization options I've ever seen in a dungeon crawl game.

I believe runestones are going to "bind" to the skills you place them in so that while the AH will probably allow you to "respec" pretty easily, drops of the rarest runes will force you to make some hard decisions at high levels about how you play your character -- perhaps, even forcing you to think about rolling another character of the same class.

Call me casual, call QQ, or worse, but I was definitely one of the D2 players who got to late Hell mode with their first level 70~ and found out the hard way that I should have referred to the internet first.

/agree with other posters who have noted after you knew what was viable that 30-45 stat points could build up because you were too busy having fun playing the game. After you stop leveling that fast they start to become irrelevant because it's a gear-based game and there was no logical reason to do anything but meet certain strength and dex caps for your classes' best stuff then pour the points into mana or health.

If this sort of system is nostalgic to you -- particularly the absence of respec -- I suggest you play the games you love or start programming new ones because this kind of game design is for better or worse considered a relic of the past.

Oh wait -- they're actually probably giving you as much or more stat customization than you had in D2 with enhanced gemming and the addition of enchanting. This is something I had overlooked -- thank you OP.

Do some believe that the removal handpicked stats on leveling makes the game more like "WoW" and less like "Diablo"? I can tell you that imho nothing could make "Diablo" more like "WoW" than another layer of micromanagement.

In WoW, even the most basic min/max (hit rating) I find to be a chore. And I have to fly and reforge just about every, single, time I get a new piece of gear because that rating *has* to be just above eight or five percent, but the least amount above I can make it, like a bizarro-world version of being on contestant's row on The Price is Right.

I wouldn't be keen on having to hit up the nephalem altar all the time to respec some of my stat x to stat y or stat z just to be able to use whatever new things I find. Be careful what you wish for. Many have accused some WoW players of not having really played Diablo by the nature of their comments -- the reverse I would have to say is equally true.

I don't even know how many hours I put into Gauntlet Legends in it's various incarnations and ports. In that game and others the RPG elements are largely vestigial.

In a dungeon crawl game, the two things that matter most are the addictiveness of the gameplay and the quality of the settings and scenarios.
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Great thread OP. Thanks for taking the time to write it up and look into all this stuff.

You get a GOLD STAR!!!!!!!
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01/01/2012 01:47 PMPosted by FacePunch
A game's difficulty should be defined by how difficult its gameplay is, not how much preplanning using spreadsheets/fan sites/wikis is required before you start the game. A skillful gamer and a knowledgeble gamer are two different things

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Now if i was actually in the beta I'd have a better idea of how the game plays out, but since I'm not bear with me if i seem to not know exactly everything this is primarily from what I've gathered through forums.

The way the Stats are Set up if they allowed you to distribute them as you seen fit wizards/witch doctors would become the best and most powerful class very quickly because people would just dump everything into Attack to up their damage and ignore every other stat and enchant/gem Vitality. since they are not melee they would not need to neglect the damage because they shouldn't be getting hit all that often in the first place.

you all complain about not being able to customize and distribute your stat points how you see fit. but if you look back you'll realize you all had the exact same build stat-wise anyhow. Give or take maybe 30 points depending on the gear you had waiting and of coarse if you wanted Melee with a shield you used Dex to cap Block, and enough Strength to use your gear unless you had a inventory of gear like i mentioned earlier, that was ready for use then you'll dump everything into Vitality and use charms and gear bonuses to get you to the desired stat points to equip the rest of your gear. even if you built a Dream Sorceress and went Melee about 85-90% of your stat points went into Vitality and just barely enough to get your gear bonuses to equip the rest of your items.


the fact of the matter is unless you were one of the very few casuals that actually played through the game and dumped stats how you needed them as you played the game, these players often referred to as noobs by the many of asshats in diablo2 your stat points were set up hardly any different then any other person with the same class as you.

they just made all the customization through getting gear / enchants and getting the most powerful Runes instead of distributing your stat points, which i think is better because as you all know all your going to do once you get high enough level is farm items like hell to get the best gear possible.

they are actually making your characters way more customizable because all of your skills are actually good through out the game and your not forced to have about 4 skills for each class instead the game is more Gear Driven to up damage and Stats.

Paladin: Zeal, Blessed Hammer, Fist of heaven, Smite
Barbarian:Frenzy, Whirlwind, Concentration, Berserk
Assassin: Kick, Lightning Trap, Phoenix Strike, Venom
Necromancer: Bone Spear,Bone Spirit, Poison Nova, Summons: Skeletons, Clay/Fire Golem
Sorceress Ice: Blizzard, Orb Fire: Meteor, Fireball Lightning: Lightning, Chain Lightning
Amazon: Bow (Not many use a bow-a-zon unless pvp, so i'll guess here) Multi-Shot, Guided Arrow JAVAZON: Charged Strike PIKEAZON *LOL*
Druid-ELEMENTAL: Fissure, Tornado, SHAPE SHIFT: Fury, Rabies, Shock wave

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Great job making yourself sound utterly insane.
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you mean people actually read that story lol
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01/01/2012 06:10 PMPosted by BitsNnibbles
you mean people actually read that story lol

it means a lot, sometimes, when a post is highly rated, think about it, these same people you see all over these forums mostly agree on something?

i already knew that i knew just about everything that i was going to read, but i read it anyway. anyone who goes on these forums who isnt well informed should read posts like this before making posts of their own imo
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01/01/2012 02:08 PMPosted by Honor

You say bland, I say balanced. How many times did you find an AMAZING caster type item with %ED instead of FCR? Now the item can still be amazing across all classes because ED affects skillpower for casters (instead of just melee).

so do i (say its balanced), but id like to add, also, that a witch doctor daggar is going to have things like +200% dmg for witch doctors only on it, making that item obviously better than an equally good weapon for the barb or monk

not to mention the stats are mostly going to be orientated to caster-like stats most of the time (the static ones)

This. Part of the reason we see casters wearing axes and such is thier specific items really dont have a high enough ilvl to get the more caster oriented effects. Monks for example will have fists that have things like +Spirit regen, +life on spirit spent and the like. Items are just too low level plus i doubt all affixes are in the beta on the >13 items.
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01/01/2012 06:10 PMPosted by BitsNnibbles
you mean people actually read that story lol

you mean people actually r intelligent and dnt have add lol?
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01/01/2012 11:01 AMPosted by Brandon
but you still keep an active account?

No, I do not.

I think that having stat points would give us more freedom, and having stats on gear only puts us at the mercy of random drops. But with gear being purchasable on the gold AH you can pretty much consider it a "respec" cost. Eh, I can live with it.
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d3 will eventually steal our childhood's.

think about it


As a response to your post, they gave you 10 character slots. If you want to make a new character for the reasons you listed, you're more than welcome to. What they did is make it so you do not HAVE to make a new character to try a different build, because there are so many different viable builds that would just be unreasonable. Plus, you know what most people did to level up new characters? Get rushed through the quests and then sit in cow runs. The way you put it sounds very romanticized and idealistic, but in reality leveling up new characters was just a chore.
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Terrific post.
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Wow! Nice read! I now understand the game even better than before! I am even more excited about D3 now that i know all this information!! To be honest, I got excited when you explained the customization of stats in D3!! It's possible to have over 2000 points put into one stat? D A Y U M !!

So, from what I've read, it takes end game character to completely utilize full character customization!!
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01/01/2012 02:50 PMPosted by Burnzor
Honor, you really can't change the mind of somebody like the person you quoted. His convictions are far too rigid.

Can anyone ever really change another persons mind with a simple reply? Does anyone ever change someone elses mind period? I think not!

Im not the type that absolutely doesnt listen to another persons oppinions or points, I just dont believe that our characters are going to feel that customized.

I mean yeah, runestones do add a nice bit off diversity with skills, but you randomly find those things. So the best chance for individuality is randomly found. In other words we wont have that much of a choice. Untill of course the AH is flooded with every runestone possible.

Anyways with that said im still super anxious for this game, hahaha.
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Love this write-up. Very well-worded and easy to understand -- i also didn't know that gems altered your stats so dramatically. Really looking forward to that now!
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12/31/2011 04:57 AMPosted by Dontinquire
The 1% of fanatically hardcore super gamers that could solo uber tristram

i actuly did that with a "smiter" paladin wich is one of the cookie cutter builds.(grief RW, draculs... etc)
im actuly very happy that more people will be able to overcome the legions of hell in inferno and discuss their epic battles in the "tavern of the golden sun" maybe to find an "harlequin Crest", who knows.

Can anyone ever really change another persons mind with a simple reply? Does anyone ever change someone elses mind period? I think not!

the more ways in wich you can see the same thing, the wiser you get. maybe someday more people will wake up and World could be a better place to live ;)

I mean yeah, runestones do add a nice bit off diversity with skills, but you randomly find those things. So the best chance for individuality is randomly found. In other words we wont have that much of a choice. Untill of course the AH is flooded with every runestone possible.

Anyways with that said im still super anxious for this game, hahaha.

"Patience is a prayer" - Budha
they still working on the runestone system as far as info is out. and filling the AH and RMAH will be faster than saying "spooky"!

exellent thread and i really enjoyed the descriptions structures. ty OP
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