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Survivability build

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I used inner sanctuary rather than serenity because with its rune, you can place your circle and stone of recall out before the circle vanishes. Feel free to leave comments/suggestions.
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An impenetrable field used to teleport to safety. Where have I seen this before......
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The concept of using Inner Sanctuary to TP out of a chancy encounter sounds great at first, but consider this: when is a monk usually going to be saying "Oh !@#$, I need to escape!"? Probably when he's been surrounded by a group of enemies and has been stunned, feared, hit for elemental damage by elites, etc. Where Serenity's text implies that the monk is 'enveloped in a protective shield' or something of that sort, note the text on the Crimson Runestone variant of Inner Sanctuary:

Forbidden Palace:
Enemies within the area of effect of Inner Sanctuary when it is activated take 169% weapon damage as Holy.

So from this we can presume that Inner Sanctuary is only an enemy free zone if you cast it when you're *NOT* surrounded by enemies. So then the question becomes, how to ensure an enemy free zone? Well, Dashing Strike might work OK, but a skill with knockback would work a lot better. I'd swap out Cyclone Strike for Lashing Tail Kick w/ a Yellow Rune.

I'd also look at ditching Sixth Sense - though it remains to be seen what kind of numbers we'll be able to attain with gear once at level 60, bear in mind that to my knowledge no +crit chance gear has been seen yet, meaning the only way to boost crit chance may be to stack precision. Consider this: because of the way multiple Dodge buffs stack, if you have Mantra of Evasion up w/ Precision, and you have 20% crit chance (which is pretty generous, I think), you're actually getting something like an exra 7.5% Dodge chance from Precision (less, actually, in the first 3 seconds). Seems pretty measly to me :/

Without going into too much detail, here's how I'd tweak the build:

With this, whenever Cheat Death pops, you'll have enough spirit to Lashing Tail Kick -> Inner Sanctuary -> TP. Then you can hang out in town until your Cheat Death CD refreshes. This is just *too* good, especially when considering how effective it could be in Hardcore. I'd be very suprised if Blizz doesn't tweak these numbers to make this unviable in the final version (increase TP time, or decrease runed Inner Sanct. time).
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01/04/2012 09:21 PMPosted by Mogram
So from this we can presume that Inner Sanctuary is only an enemy free zone if you cast it when you're *NOT* surrounded by enemies. So then the question becomes, how to ensure an enemy free zone?

No need to do that! In beta, when using Inner Sanctuary (without runes, obviously), all enemies get knocked back automatically - just a bit, so that they will end up right next to the zone as soon as it appears.

In other words, when you're surrounded, activate Inner Sanctuary and you got yourself some space.

When using the rune you mentioned, I assume, enemies will just take damage while getting knocked back.

Anyway Dashing Strike is a great tool to use afterwards, as soon as the zone disappears.
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