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this post is all speculation since we do not know the lore in diablo 3, but according to some hints from the precedent games.

I suspect Leah's father to be Lachdanan. Im sure im not the only one with that speculation.
http://diablo2.diablowiki.net/Adria_the_Witch#Gossip ,heres a gossip from Adria when you ask her about lachdanan (once you have the quest at lvl 14 into the cathedral)

"You may meet people who are trapped within the Labyrinth, such as Lachdanan.
I sense in him honor and great guilt. Aid him, and you aid all of Tristram"

all of tristram she sais, a mystic way to incluse herself. As a powerful wich, im sure she is able to keep many secrets. Probably one of them being lachdanan's love.

again its all speculation. i sense leah has a dark futur ahead...
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It is hinted in the lore panel Q & A at blizzcon that the dark wanderer - King Leoric's son Aidan - is her father and Adria is her mother. It is also apparent in the beta story pages that Adria became close with the hero from D1 after he had taken on the burden of imprisoning Diablo within himself.


Question about Adria is asked and then answered at about 37:45 and the guy beside Metzen says she is dead and you find out how in D3.

The Question about Leah's father is asked at 41:45 and they don't reveal it but its kind of hinted. The hint the dude asking the question is talking about is a piece of Adria's journal you find in the beta which I saw when i watched Day 9's playthrough...the journal statement is as follows;

"Aidan came to me last night. I suspected what was lurking within his troubled heart. I consoled him as best I could. Regardless, wherever he's headed, Hell will surely follow in his wake."

As stated in the same above video at 27:04, Aidan is the Dark Wanderer from D2, Leoric's son, and the player hero from D1.
might be grasping at straws here but it seems possible, esp given the removed images of the leah-diablo, as seen in the last couple secs of this video


If Leah is the Dark Wanderer's daughter it is entirely likely that she has some essence of Diablo deep within her in some form...Like how in Warcraft Medivh had Sargeras inside of him because his mother, Aegwynn, had been tainted by the demon's essence while he was still in the womb.
This would explain Azmodan's dialogue in the black soulstone cinematic as he is talking to the spirit of diablo within Leah, that she may or may not be aware of, but will likely come to understand at some point.
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Its a passible idea Lachdanan being Leah's father under the context of the first part of Leah's knowledge on him: "He was a great warrior who was lost when Tristram fell to the demons" But the latter bit does bring it down. Lachdanan simply wasn't among the living when Demons were beginning to appear and terrorize Tristram.

As StarWolf say, various others, and official lore sources it leaning toward strongly that Aiden is in fact Leah's father. (e.g. his close relationship with Adria, the "long nights behind closed doors" business, Cain's strong suspicions etc.)
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In WoW the dark titan actually possessed Medieveh. It had nothing to do with his mother being tainted, he was all Oh look a baby, YOINK! and used him simply because he was the son of Aegwynn. I'm thinking that Diablo was smart enough to get Izual to have multipule soulstones used/made, or they had created a soulstone, used it on diablo and his brothers, then shattered it, released a few shards, and kept the others as "safe keeping" so to speak. Similar to Voldemort and horcruxes.
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in the book of cain it pretty much flat out makes it obvious, on page 111-112 where it says aiden spent his nights with adria.
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The Book of Cain is now out, if you have any questions about the lore I suggest you read it as it will make everything clear.

As a side note, I liked reading the Book of Cain but somehow the writing didn't strike me as good as the Diablo 2 handbooks small short stories were. The one thing I did like was Cains letters to Leah. They were very well done Blizzard.
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yeah i just read the book of cain its great and it says pretty much that Adian is the father, but it doesn't tell u 100% sure that he is, but im pretty sure this is the case.
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